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    Burning Crusade Classic Beta Notes - April 15

    By Curse,
    Burning Crusade Classic Beta Notes - April 15
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Raid testing in the Burning Crusade Classic Beta is now underway, and we’ve received many answerable inquiries on every aspect of the game. What follows is an outline of the answers to many common questions about the Beta, which we will update as necessary over the coming weeks.


    • Attunements will function as they did when originally released.
    • Original questlines will be required to enter each instance and purchasing Heroic dungeon keys will require Revered reputation.
    • These attunement requirements will relax as the game progresses through its content phases.
      • For example, Karazhan should initially require attunement, but will no longer require attunement at a later phase. Thereafter, a group should still need the Master’s Key to open the gate.
      • Dungeon keys should be relaxed to require Honored reputation at a later phase.
    • Throughout Burning Crusade Classic, we plan to make it so that progress on forthcoming raid attunements can be made before the opening of the raid the attunement is for.
      • For example, you should be able to start the Black Temple attunement for killing A’lar once The Eye is open, which will be before Black Temple is open.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Original health and damage values will be used. These, as well as some mechanical changes, will then be adjusted in future phases. The original state for raids will persist throughout the phase during which it is current content. With the release of the next phase, adjustments will be made as they were in original Burning Crusade.
      • Exceptions will be considered. We’re looking forward to your feedback on adjustments during the testing of future PTRs.
    • Buffs acquired from creatures and quests across Outland are purged upon entering an instance.
      • This does not apply to world buffs from the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor. Those auras cannot be obtained by player-characters above level 63.
    • Ritual of Summoning will not work inside instances or Netherstorm.


    • Badges of Justice will not drop in raids until a later phase, however, Badge of Justice dailies will be available in all phases.
      • Developers’ notes: While these were both changes made late in original Burning Crusade, we feel that dailies provide healthy gameplay in encouraging dungeon variety, without significantly impacting gear acquisition.
    • Primal Nether, Nether Vortex, and World boss items from Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak will initially be Bind-on-Pickup, as they were in original Burning Crusade, and should be updated in a later phase.
    • Primal Nether and Nether Vortex will become available from the Badge of Justice vendor at a later phase.
    • Outland faction vendors will initially sell the items that they originally sold, and their offerings will update as content unlocks.
      • Examples: the Swift Skyfire Diamond gem recipe from the Consortium, the Mysterious ammo from Karazhan, and PvP gear from all factions.
    • Ring enchants and Jewelcrafting-specific gems now have a profession requirement to benefit from them.
      • Developers’ notes: The design intent for these perks were a player power reward for having that profession, and the fact that they continued to function after unlearning that profession was a technical limitation in original Burning Crusade.
    • Weapons that were changed from Main-Hand-only to One-Handed late in original Burning Crusade will be restored to their original version in Burning Crusade Classic, and should be updated in a later phase.
      • Developers’ notes: Changing these to One-Handed was a very late change in original Burning Crusade that would have a notable impact on player power.
    • Epic engineering goggles will become available from trainers with the Tier 5 phase.
    • Haris Pilton, Zephyr, and Cooking and Fishing dailies will be available from the beginning, as they do not directly or largely impact player power.
    • Landro Longshot will not offer WoW Trading Card Game code redemption.
      • Developers’ notes: We don’t intend for the Burning Crusade Classic to make duplicate use of WoW TCG codes, nor do we want players who have unredeemed codes to choose between games for redemption. Landro Longshot may be repurposed in Burning Crusade Classic for a different use, but that will not be related to the WoW TCG.

    Please feel free to post your feedback on any part of the Burning Crusade Classic Beta here in this forum. We greatly appreciate it!

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    Call Of Duty Warzone Has Permabanned About Half A Million Cheaters

    By GameInformer,


    Call of Duty: Warzone is notorious for its constant surge of cheaters. In addition to high-volume banwaves, the Call of Duty security and enforcement teams issue bans on a daily basis (yes, literally seven days a week) to take down repeat offenders or smaller, individual offenses. This past Monday marked the seventh massive banwave since Warzone launched over a year ago. And apparently, to date, a little under half a million cheaters (475,000 to be exact) have been hit with permabans!

    To thwart cheaters, a multitude of countermeasures have been put into effect, including 2-factor authentication, increased support and resources directed to the security and enforcement teams, more large-scale banwaves in general, and more community-focused updates to keep players in the loop. 45,000 black market accounts (accounts that are farmed and sold to repeat offenders) have also been banned, which prevents cheaters from simply using alternate accounts. Similarly, hardware bans have been pushed out at a frequent rate. 

    At the end of the most recent post on the Official Call of Duty Blog, the staff assured players that they’re working around the clock to mediate the constant cheating issues, “As the security and enforcement teams continue to tackle cheating through enforcement, prevention, research, and technology, we will continue to share constant updates on our progress. Again, there is no place for cheating. Delivering a fair and fun experience for all players is our top priority.”

    A Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen banwave went out towards the end of last month in other cheat-centric news. The Bungie tweet that was posted alongside the Destiny 2 banwave evoked similar sentiments as the Call of Duty blog post, The Game Security team has taken a swing with the banhammer. Keeping the playing field level is important to us. Play fair; we're watching." 

    Have you run into an abundance of Call of Duty: Warzone or Destiny 2 cheaters? Go ahead and ring that bell of shame in the comment section below. 

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    Diablo III Spring Sale!

    By DiabloFans,

    Diablo III Spring Sale

    Diablo III is currently on sale through the Battle.net Shop, making it the perfect time to get any friends into the game so they can enjoy Season 23! For a limited time, the Diablo III Eternal Collection on Xbox and Playstation is also on sale!




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    Pickle Rick Joins Rainbow Six Siege With Two New Rick And Morty Bundles

    By GameInformer,


    It's Pickle Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. In a random crossover we never saw coming, two Rick and Morty bundles are coming to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The tribute to Pickle Rick and Gromflomites comes as a surprise, but not an unwelcome one

    The two bundles cost 2160 R6 credits each and include a character skin, a weapon skin, and a charm. The Pickle Rick Smoke and the Gromflomite Sledge bundle are both available now. Check out the trailer below to see them in action: 

    Click here to watch embedded media

    For those intrigued (and honestly, who wouldn't be), here is a quick breakdown of each bundle: 

    Gromflomite Sledge - Attacker

    • Gromflomite armor and headgear
    • M590A1 weapon skin
    • Seal Team Rick charm
    • Federation Defense attachment skin

    Smoke Pickle Rick - Defender

    • Pickle Rick rat suit and headgear 
    • Portal Gun weapon skin
    • Portal Gun attachment skin
    • Pickle Rick charm

    The 2160 R6 credits equal about $15 - $20 and will net both bundles as yours to keep. Ubisoft has been on a roll recently with the bundles, especially with the Resident Evil crossover back in March and the return of Rainbow is Magic. 

    Pickle Rick has been a cultural phenomenon, much like the show, and it's wild to see how much this series has taken over pop culture. That being said, this crossover is pretty hilarious. It's interesting that this mash-up didn't happen in a game like Fortnite, which continues to be the undisputed reigning king of weird mashups

    What do you think about Pickle Rick joining the fight in Rainbow Six Siege? If you could build your dream bundle crossover, what would it be? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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    Pokémon Go Announces New Pokémon Snap In-Game Celebration

    By GameInformer,


    Pokémon Go continues to roll out new content and timely events to coincide with things happening in the real world and the greater Pokémon universe. With New Pokémon Snap on the horizon (check out our final preview of that game here), Pokémon Go developer Niantic is encouraging players to whip out their in-game cameras in its hit mobile game.

    Beginning April 29, Pokémon Go is adding themed research, avatar items, and Pokémon that appear in New Pokémon Snap in the wild. A new type of research task that features the Pokémon Go Snapshot feature will give players a chance to encounter Smeargle (you'll even have a shot at a Shiny encounter), while Pokémon who are known to appear in New Pokémon Snap's Lental region (like Venusaur, Dodrio, and Skarmory) will be more common in the Pokémon Go wild. New avatar items themed around cameras and photography will also appear in the Pokémon Go Style Shop.

    Here's a picture of Metapod that The Pokémon Company has provided in support of this announcement:


    As you likely remember, Pokémon Go launched in 2016 and immediately became a worldwide phenomenon, with massive groups of players roaming from destination to destination in hopes of encountering a rare Pokémon, sometimes leading to awkward or even dangerous encounters of a different kind in real life. While it's no longer the massive, unavoidable hit it was five years ago, it remains one of the top games in both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Niantic also continues to host Pokémon Go Fest every summer, attracting thousands of players from around the globe. Unfortunately, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, last year's event, like nearly every in-person event, was turned into a virtual celebration. No announcement for Pokémon Go Fest has been made for 2021. 

    The New Pokémon Snap Celebration in Pokémon Go runs from April 29 to May 2. New Pokémon Snap comes to Switch on April 30.

    Do you still play Pokémon Go? Are you looking forward to New Pokémon Snap? Let us know what you think about this event in the comments below!

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    GI Show – Resident Evil Village Cover Details And Sitting Down With Supergiant Games

    By GameInformer,

    Click here to watch embedded media

    On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show, Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin (@kasavin) joins us to talk about his work on games like Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and Hades. Kasavin also shares his insight into how games are written and why making them is harder than it seems. 

    Then we discuss a handful of the games we've been digging recently, including OutridersPac-Man 99, Hades, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Monster Hunter Rise, and The House in Fata Morgana. Of course, we also discuss our recent Resident Evil Village cover story, talk about the game's crafting mechanics, and how Capcom designed the new werewolf-inspired Lycan enemies. Finally, Matthew Haag, A.K.A. Nadeshot (@Nadeshot), joins us to talk about his time playing Call of Duty professionally, his work at 100 Thieves, and his recent partnership with Excedrin helping gamers maintain good head health. 

    It's a full show, but we make time for another fantastic round of community emails. So please join Kimberley Wallace (@kstar1785), Alex Stadnik (@Studnik76), Blake Hester (@metallicaisrad), and Ben Reeves (@Benjaminreeves) for another wild and ever-entertaining episode!

    Thanks for listening! Please make sure to leave feedback below and share the episode if you enjoyed it. You can watch the video above, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Playlisten on SoundCloudstream it on Spotify, or download the MP3 at the bottom of the page. Also, be sure to send your questions to [email protected] for a chance to have them answered on the show!

    Our thanks to The Rapture Twins for The Game Informer Show's intro song. You can hear more of their music on their website.

    To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below.

    00:00:00 - Introduction
    00:00:49 - Greg Kasavin Introduction
    00:23:13 - Pac-Man 99
    00:33:19 - The House In Fata Morgana
    00:38:19 - Outriders
    00:49:28 - Oddworld: Soulstorm
    00:51:33 - Monster Hunter Rise
    00:59:24 - Resident Evil Village
    01:23:01 - Community Emails
    01:54:51 - March Mayhem Finale
    02:09:53 - Nadeshot Interview


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