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    35 Ways To Celebrate The Transformers 35th Anniversary

    By GameInformer,


    As a kid on his way home from school in the mid-80s, few things got me more excited than the prospect of rushing through the door, flinging down my bag, and catching the latest episode of Transformers. It was a ritual in my house, and the characters, music, and images of that cartoon are embedded in my memory.

    Mine wasn’t the only generation that has enjoyed these strange robot creations. Over the years, the Transformers have regularly reinvented themselves with new iterations across comics, movies, cartoons, games, toys, novels, and more, all while still celebrating what has come before.

    Today marks the 35th anniversary of when the cartoon first aired, with the first episode of the three-part “More Than Meets The Eye” opening arc. To celebrate, here’s 35 ways you can mark the occasion, celebrating the surprisingly enduring franchise that continues to fascinate both kids and adults in 2019.


    Head to lunch with your co-workers and shout “Transform and roll out!” as loud as you can as you leave the office. They’ll appreciate your enthusiasm!


    Listen to and watch the original theme song. Centuries from now, anthropologists may very well recall this piece of music as one of the high points of 20th century culture.  


    Watch the early minutes of the recent Bumblebee movie, and bask in the dream of a live-action Transformers movie that doesn’t have any of those pesky humans in it.


    Read through any one of the hundreds of available comics of the recently concluded IDW Transformers comics, which ran from 2005 to 2018. Taken as a whole, this is certainly the most expansive fictional framework of characters and storylines in the history of the franchise, tracking characters over many years and conflicts, and taking big risks with the ways characters are presented (Megatron as an Autobot?!). The stories also explored complex territory around gender roles and romance among the Transformers, delved into heady sci-fi concepts, and introduced some characters that have since become centerpieces of the fiction, like Windblade and Drift.



    If that line of IDW comics sounds too involved to dip your toe into, instead check out the newly rebooted IDW comics, which have only been releasing for a few months. This fresh take on the storyline is a clean break from the previous universe of comics storytelling, and focuses on familiar characters like Megatron and Optimus Prime in the lead-up to the big war on Cybertron.


    Wear purple or red to show your Decepticon or Autobot allegiance. Insist that people acknowledge you by your faction, especially in public. They’ll appreciate your devotion to the cause.


    Download and play Transformers: Forged To Fight. The mobile game is available on both the Apple App store and on Google Play, and features an action/fighting dynamic as characters from across the Transformers mythology do battle and upgrade. The fun here is in seeing big fights play out between some of your favorite characters. Just watch out for those microtransactions!


    Try out the excellent tabletop Transformers Trading Card game. In addition to some gorgeous card art, the game features a smartly designed dueling mechanic. Character cards change from vehicle to robot when you flip them over. The game already has several expansions to explore, and the game is still actively growing.



    Check out the latest cartoon; Cyberverse reimagines the heroes and villains yet again with a bright aesthetic and kid-friendly storylines. While you’re at it, introduce a kid in your family to the toys by giving him a figure. The connected Cyberverse line features familiar character designs but with mostly easy transformations.


    Serve drinks to your friends and ask them whether they’d like it “on the energon” instead of rocks/ice. Enjoy their quizzical expressions.  


    Check out the stellar The Toys That Made Us documentary series, available on Netflix, and watch the second episode of the second season, which is wholly focused on the history (especially the origin) of the Transformers toys.


    Figure out the most cringe-worthy moment of the Michael Bay-directed Transformers live-action films. Is it Bumblebee peeing on a human? Is it Devastator’s wrecking-ball testicles? Something else? Discuss with your friends.



    Start your collection of the recent Transformers: War For Cybertron line of toys, easily one of the most appealing lines for collectors to be released in many years. The new figures are meant to evoke the Transformers as they appeared during their battles on their home planet before departing and coming to Earth. Most of the toys recall the original G1 designs, but with battle-damaged paint jobs that suggest long years of conflict. The line also features a weapon gimmick, letting you plug in any number of guns and other elements of their arsenals to kit out your heroes and villains.


    Visit one of the thoughtfully curated Transformers fan sites out there, like TFormers, Seibertron, TFW2005, or any of a dozen others. These enthusiasts track the latest happenings in the hobby of following and collecting Transformers, and are a great way to connect with other fans.  



    Play the excellent Transformers action games created by High Moon Studios, War For Cybertron (2010) and Fall of Cybertron (2012). While the gameplay and visuals may feel a bit dated after this many years, the games featured exciting storylines, a bunch of characters to play, and smart mixes of vehicle and robot play.  


    Watch an episode of Beast Wars from the mid-90s. This darker take on the series focused on Transformers that could turn into mostly real Earth animals. And while the CG graphics are quite dated, they represented an impressive approach to animation in the day.


    Track down and start collecting BotBots. This relatively recent new collectible line features mini Transformers that turn into everyday objects that you’d find in a mall. While decidedly targeted at the younger set, the wide variety of designs and paint jobs can easily scratch that collector’s itch.



    Consider backing the positively massive Transformers: Unicron figure. The largest official Transformers ever made, this figure is part of the HasLab project, which features fan-targeted creations that only go into production if fully funded ahead of time. How much are you being asked to fund this big guy? $574.99! That’s pretty wild, but even if you don’t plan to back it, it’s worth perusing the info Hasbro has put together about how the giant figure was designed.


    Watch The Transformers: The Movie, first released back in 1986. Backed by a melodramatic 80s rock album soundtrack and some impressive voice talent (Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy? Seriously?) the movie is a ton of fun. At the time, the movie acted as an easy way to clear out some old characters and introduce some new ones for the sake of the ongoing toy line, but in practice, it meant the movie included the deaths of tons of fan-favorite characters, including (gasp!) Optimus Prime.


    Don’t have time for the whole movie? Get motivated by listening to Stan Bush’s iconic anthem from the animated movie. “The Touch” will have you ready to take down a world-eating super-robot (or at least get through the work day).


    Slap the Grimlock. It’s a thing. Look it up.



    Pick up and play a copy of Transformers: Devastation, which is available on modern consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developed by the action game masters at PlatinumGames, the cel-shaded visuals recall the 1980s cartoon, but the action is fast, the levels are challenging, and there are a ton of characters to master.


    Snag the newest big Titan-sized figure available for your toy collection. The new iteration of Omega Supreme is just now going up for sale, so if you need a big centerpiece for your collection, you could do a lot worse than the giant rocket base guardian.


    Play Transformers: Earth Wars for a dose of strategy with your Transformers gaming. You play the Autobots or Decepticons, build bases and defeat your enemies. The mobile game is available on both the App Store and Google Play.


    Go down the rabbit hole of TFWiki.net. This massive repository of information about the Transformers explores everything from comic storylines to toy collections, and everything in between. Want to try to make sense of the many competing Transformers timelines? Well, it’s impossible, but here’s a good place to start your attempt!


    Watch Transformers: Prime, one of the deepest and most narrative-focused of the many cartoons that have come out from the franchise. Airing from 2010 to 2013, the storyline went in surprising directions, involved truly dynamic characters that changed over the course of the show, and featured some beautiful animated visuals that did a good job melding the original G1 aesthetics with the live-action Transformers appearances that were popular at the time.


    Dig out the original Marvel Comics run from the 1980s, if you can find them. Darker than the cartoon that ran concurrently, the comic line featured a complex plot and dozens of characters, and did much to solidify fan enthusiasm for the franchise.



    Snag your favorite character in the Studio Series line. Love or hate the live-action movies, there’s no doubt that the designers crafted some crazy robot designs over the course of those movie releases. For screen-authentic presentations of the characters, it’s hard to beat the recent Studio Series line of toys, which boast great detail, sculpting, and transformations that recall the appearances in the movies.


    Dive into the rich treasure trove of videos called Transformers: The Basics, from Chris McFeely. These in-depth videos feature rundowns of characters and other concepts from across the fiction, breaking down the often impenetrable enmeshment of different timelines and universes with clear narrations and explanations.


    Enjoy the excellent Transformers: Animated (2007-2009) cartoon with your kid. All 42 episodes (across the three seasons) are available on DVD, and the whole thing is well worth a watch. While the exaggerated character designs might initially turn off old-school enthusiasts, the smart storylines, well-drawn action, and tons of callbacks to other generations of characters make this my personal pick for appealing to both adult and kid viewers watching together.


    Start making the Transformers transforming sound everytime you change clothes. Tsche-chu-chu-che-tsche! Especially effective and enjoyable when done at the gym in the locker room, or while getting ready for bed with your spouse nearby.



    Did you always find yourself wishing that the original Transformers cartoon would have just continued on for a few more seasons? While I can’t necessarily recommend its overall quality, if all you want is an extension of the original cartoon, you should watch Transformers: The Headmasters. The Japanese cartoon effectively continued on the heels of the end of the American cartoon (with the exception of the last few American episodes, which are reimagined in a new way), and while you’ll likely need to watch with subtitles on, you can now track down the series here in the United States without too much trouble.


    Investigate the back-catalog of Peter Cullen, the celebrated voice actor who is best known for voicing Optimus Prime. Notably, Cullen has frequently cited that the original feel and voice for Optimus Prime was inspired by his brother, a decorated Vietnam vet who encouraged him to present the robot/truck hero as a real leader, who was strong but compassionate, and soft-spoken when possible rather than yelling and screaming like many Hollywood heroes. The resulting noble and charismatic character is a big part of why so many remain fans of Transformers to this day.


    Get an Autobot or Decepticon insignia tattoo. Don’t think about it! Just go for it! Bonus points if the tattoo location hurts your future job prospects.


    Dig out your favorite Transformers toy from when you were a kid, and marvel at how it’s still fun to transform them.

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    Overwatch Introduces Lego-Themed Event Today

    By GameInformer,


    Beginning today and running through September 30, Overwatch players can unlock a Lego-inspired skin for Bastion by simply netting nine wins in any mode. The appropriately named Bastion Brick Challenge brings 12 different rewards in total that are handed out for every three wins. Win your first three games and you'll earn two new Bastion player icons. Win three more and you'll get two new Bastion sprays. Win another three and you'll unlock the legendary Brick Bastion skin.

    You can also earn more Bastion goodies by watching participating Twitch broadcasters. Spend two hours on Overwatch Twitch streams and you'll get another spray. At the four hour mark you'll earn another two sprays, and if you spend six hours in streams you'll get two player icons and two additional sprays.


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    Patch 8.2.5 Notes, Snapback Scuttler, World Quest Event, Warsong Scramble Brawl

    By Curse,
    Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    New Character Models: Worgen and Goblins
    First introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, worgen and goblins are getting some long-anticipated improvements to their character models. These updates touch on every aspect of how the worgen and goblins look—from their faces to their animations.

    WoW 15th Anniversary Event
    This November is the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft, and we have some special things planned to commemorate the occasion.

    Anniversary Gift
    Players who log in during the event period will receive an Anniversary Gift in the mail, which includes a Lil’ Nefarian battle pet, a Celebration Package that increases experience and reputation gains throughout the event, a reusable firework that can be used for the duration of the event, an item that teleports you to the Caverns of Time (usable only during the event), and other in-game goodies.

    New Raids: Memories of Azeroth
    Chromie has separated the strands of time, allowing you to go back and relive epic raid encounters from Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. Each of these limited-time raids will feature three iconic bosses, and they’ll be available as their own wings through the Raid Finder.

    To enter the raid, you need a minimum item level of 380. Players who complete all three wings will receive the achievement Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire which grants the Obsidian Worldbreaker, a Black Dragonflight mount inspired by Deathwing.

    Return to Alterac Valley of Olde
    Run down your enemies, raze their fortifications, and exchange the tokens you loot from their corpses to summon mighty reinforcements in Korrak’s Revenge, a throwback Battleground inspired by the earliest days of Alterac Valley.

    Players who participate in Korrak’s Revenge and complete the Alterac Valley of Olde achievement can earn two new mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

    New Quests
    Many new stories and adventures are now available across Azeroth.

    The War Campaign Concludes
    Tensions continue to rise between Saurfang, Anduin, and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas. Discover the fate of the Horde and Alliance in the final chapter of the War Campaign.

    Magni Bronzebeard
    With N'Zoth's imminent emergence, you must seek help from an unlikely ally: the Black Prince, Wrathion. Level 120 players should seek out Magni in the Chamber of Heart to continue the story and discover the Black Dragonflight’s whereabouts.

    Making it Easier to Party Up with Friends

    Introducing Party Sync
    Party Sync is a new feature that makes it easier than ever for friends to party up and quest together. When players activate Party Sync, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. By mousing over a quest in your tracker, you can see who’s on a given quest, what their progress is, and who’s ready to turn it in. You’ll also have access to a “replay quest” feature that allows players who have already completed certain quests to replay those quests with their friends for rewards that are appropriate to their current level, regardless of the original level of the quest. Quests can be replayed for rewards once a day.

    Relaxing Level Restrictions
    We’ve also relaxed level restrictions, so lower-level players can queue for instanced content (such as Battlegrounds and dungeons) in their level range, and higher-level players can choose to join them by having their level scaled down. Please note that unlike Timewalking, when your level is scaled, you will temporarily lose access to abilities and powers (such as Azerite Traits and over-level spell, abilities, talents, and trinkets’ effects) with requirements that exceed your reduced level.

    Recruit A Friend Returns
    Ready to bring your friends to Azeroth and show them the ropes? Doing so is easier than ever with our revamped Recruit A Friend system! If you have active game time, you’ll be able to recruit up to 10 friends—both veterans who haven’t been subscribed for over two years and newcomers—to share in your adventures. Enjoy 50% bonus experience for faster leveling when you and your recruit are partied together and summon each other once every 30 minutes.

    The new Recruit A Friend lets you generate a custom link that you can send to your friends. This link will help you connect with each other, and you’ll be able to see if they have purchased game time, which will lead to rewards for you! For each month your recruits have active game time, you’ll earn a new reward, such as unique pets, mounts, game time, and more. These rewards unlock each month and scale with the amount of time your recruits have subscribed for. And, of course, with Party Sync you’ll be able to journey with your friends on any of your characters.

    New Mount: Honeyback Harvester
    Stormsong’s Beekeepers have discovered a new hive in town. Alliance players can work with Barry to locate the hive and court the favor of the Hivemother in order to earn the Honeyback Harvester mount—and both factions can earn several other bee-themed toys and items.

    New Timewalking Raid: Firelands
    While Cataclysm Timewalking is active, max-level players will be able to form a raid group and enter the Sulfuron Spire raid. As with previous Timewalking raids (Black Temple and Ulduar), your gear and power are scaled to the challenge, and all the bosses and rewards you expect lie in wait.

    Note that mounts do not benefit from mount equipment in battlegrounds or Arenas and that some do not benefit from mount equipment at all such as the Sky Golem.

    Holiday Updates
    Lunar Festival
    Embark on an adventure around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to complete the Rite of the Moon and help an old druid bless her Staff of Moonflowers. In return, she will enchant your flower crowns so they never die, and you can transmogrify them year-round!

    • Goblins
      • Goblins now wave at Gobber after casting Pack Hobgoblin (Racial).
      • Gobber now waves back at the player and makes a sound when summoned.
      • Rocket Barrage (Racial) now makes sound and the rockets launch from the belt instead of the caster’s feet.

    • Increased the size of the visual indicating where a player will resurrect after accepting a resurrection during combat.
    • ihunters.gif Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
      • Beast Master
        • Animal Companion (Talent) now reduces extra pet damage by 35% (was 40%).
    • ipaladins.gif Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
      • Holy
        • Glimmer of Light (Azerite Trait) can now be dispelled by abilities that remove Magic effects.
    • irogues.gif Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
      • Blind’s debuff is now displayed on enemy nameplates.
    • ishamans.gif Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
      • A player that can Reincarnate from Ancestral Protection Totem (Talent) now sees a glowing screen edge and visual effect.
        • Restoration
          • Deluge (Talent) now increases the healing of Healing Wave and Healing Surge, in addition to Chain Heal.

    Black Market Auction House
    • New enchantment, transmogrifiable gear, and mount listings have been added.
    • Unclaimed Black Market Auction House Containers will now fully create the item when open or viewed in any way. No peeking!
    • Removed Grimoire of the Four Winds

    Items and Rewards
    • Added Glyph of Lavish Servings which allows Mages to change the appearance of their Mage Table.
    • Players who collected Upgraded Dungeon Set pieces can now replace sold or destroyed pieces for 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets from Barum while Darkmoon Faire is active.
    • Raddon’s Cascading Eyes can now only reduce the cooldown of Eye Beam by up to a maximum of 20 seconds per cast of Eye Beam.
    • Timewalking vendors now restrict their wares to those who can participate in their respective Timewalking events.

    Player versus Player
    • Battlegrounds
      • Epic Ashran
        • New Ancient Artifact: Solar Sphere
          • A new artifact of power has been discovered in Ashran’s underground mines—the Solar Sphere. The faction who captures its power will gain 20% haste while controlled.
        • Many of the NPCs within the Road of Glory have been removed to improve performance.
        • Fangraal and Kronus now cost 3,000 Artifact Fragments (was 300).
        • Fangraal and Kronus now deal increased damage and have a new a melee cleave ability.
        • The Reinforcement count has been reduced to 150 (was 300).
        • Front Line Fortitude now increases health to all melee players and NPCs within the Road of Glory by 100% (was 30%).
        • The Ancient Artifact now spawns after a player kills the Ancient Inferno rather than randomly spawning on the map.
      • Epic Wintergrasp
        • Vehicles are no longer affected by movement slowing effects or roots.
        • Damage done by Catapults has been slightly increased.
        • The Siege Engine now has increased health.
      • Mercenaries no longer benefit from the effects of Enlistment Bonus.

    • Several items created with Kul Tiran Engineering now have a minimum level requirement.
      • Electroshock Mount Motivator, F.R.I.E.D, Organic Discombobulation Grenade, Thermo-Accelerated Plague Spreader, Unstable Temporal Time Shifter, can now only be used by level 110 or higher characters.

    Quests and World Quests
    • World Quests and Missions now offer gold or war resources instead of Artifact Power to players who can no longer progress their Heart of Azeroth (level 70).
      • War Campaign Updates
        • All reputation requirements have been removed from the following War Campaign quests:
          • Horde:“A Stroll Through a Cemetery,” “Tracking Tidesages,” “Journey to the Middle of Nowhere,” “When a Plan Comes Together,” “A Mech for a Goblin,” “Breaking Out Ashvane,” and “War Is Here.”
          • Alliance:“Crippling the Horde,” “Our Next Target,” “Intercepted Orders” “Bringing Down the Fleet,” “Sensitive Intel,” “The Abyssal Scepter,” and “The Fall of Zuldazar.”
        • Players are no longer required to level a Nazjatar companion to level 3 to access the War Campaign quest “Stay of Execution.”

    User Interface
    • Auction House purchases over 50,000 gold now require players to confirm the purchase in a dialogue box.
    • Player characters can now be displayed in the Mount Journal preview. This can be toggled on or off with the “Show Character” option in the viewport window.
    • Class color and faction icon now displays in the Character Select screen.
    • The System Menu button now always appears in the Character Select screen.
    • Players can now toggle between the map of a quest’s final destination and its initial start point by clicking on the arrow icon next to it in the Map & Quest log

    Companion App
    • Community chat improvements.
    • Fixed a bug that required users to log in twice before accessing the app.

    Bug Fixes
    • Battle Pets
      • Necrofin Tadpole now correctly grants a rare quality pet.
    • Classes
      • Abilities or passives that allow players to survive fatal blows (e.g. Rogues’ Cheat Death) no longer trigger prematurely if the target has Blessing of Sacrifice.
      • Blood Death Knights’ Dancing Rune Weapon should now always mirror the caster’s melee attacks.
      • Discipline and Holy Priests’ Divine Star (Talent) should no longer hit targets through walls.
      • Enhancement Shaman are now refunded 80% of the Maelstrom resource cost when Storm Strike misses or parries.
      • Frost Mages’ Frozen Orb’s trajectory now slows down when it deals damage rather than when it collides into an enemy or destructible unit.
        • Developers’ note: This quality of life change should make this spell more reliably deal damage against large raid bosses, such as Blackwater Behemoth or Radiance of Azshara.
      • Affliction Warlocks’ Phantom Singularity (Talent) can now critically strike the primary target.
      • Warlocks who are interrupted while casting a Fire school spell or Chaos Bolt with an imp pet active can again use Command Demon to force their imp to use Singe Magic while locked out from spell casting.
    • Dungeons and Raids
      • Abyssal Commander Sivara
        • Frost and Toxic Javelins have been renamed to Frost Bolt and Toxic Bolt as intended.

    • Followers and NPCs
      • The prices for consumables crafted from Pascal-K1N6 have been reduced.
      • Nazjatar followers can again respawn if a player is in stealth when they are killed.
      • Crazed Trogg should now always attack players covered in the correct paint color.
      • All interrupts should stop Seashelf Reefwalker from completing a Coral Growth cast.
      • Rolly Gulper no longer can fly to attack airborne players.
      • Enemies and their corpses no longer prevent players from gathering the Energy Cells or Spare Parts underneath them.
      • The chicken critters loitering in front of Ironforge can again be slaughtered.

    • Items
      • Blueprint: Re-Procedurally Generated Punchcard now correctly indicates it only creates Yellow Punchcards.
      • Characters now announce if they’ve placed down a Cauldron of Battle, Big Cauldron of Battle, Spirit Cauldron, Mystical Cauldron, or a Greater Mystical Cauldron.
      • Meera’s Jukebox no longer generates threat.
      • Nazjatar follower reputation items now grant reputation above Rank 8 when used.
      • Players can link mount equipment that they have equipped.

    • Mounts
      • Kua’fon can again fly inside Garrisons.

    • Player versus Player
      • Items
        • Fixed an issue that caused Mirror Charm’s effects to carry over into PvP combat.
        • Lady Waycrest’s Music Box should no longer damage stealthed enemy players.

    • Quests
      • Players can again receive credit for “A Shattered Path Through Time” after completing a Timewalking dungeon.
      • Rewards from the Reclamation Rig can again be opened through in-game mail.
      • A warning now displays that activating the device in “The Laboratory of Mardivas” will initiate a weekly lockout.
      • Players can again interact with the Soul Harvester in “Holding the Ramparts.”
      • NPCs no longer phase during “Breaking the Food Chain.”
      • The requirements for “Becoming a Friend” are now clearer.
      • Players can again collect all the Sandclaw Crab and Muck creepers necessary for “Gather Friends.”
      • Players no longer become stuck in combat when using Bot Re-Energizer during “Right Bot for the Job.”
      • Players can again “Gather Friends” with The Friendship Net without causing them to despawn.
      • Enemies defeated during “Off-the-Books-Brawlin’” again drop loot.
      • Prince Erazmin now properly awards credit to players who complete “Welcome to the Resistance.”
      • “Our Direct Line” no longer offers an indestructible Encrypted Black Market Radio.
      • “Abduction Reduction” now correctly grants credit only to the player that catches a mechagnome.
      • Advisor Ko’jan should now always be present during “Silence the Advisor.”
      • Corroded Sentries now correctly grant credit toward “Battle Tested.”
      • Sharing “First Charge is Free!” no longer sometimes causes players to be unable to complete the quest.
      • The Cooking Pot required for “Revenge is Tasty” now correctly requires 1 Outland Cooking to use.
      • All Sandclaw Crabs are again valid targets for the Friendship Net during “Gather Friends.”
      • Players can again complete “Flush Them Out” while on “Twist the Knife.”
    • World Quests
      • Players who leave “Make Loh Go” before completing it are no longer swarmed by enemies.
      • The quest item Talanji’s Mojo is now correctly removed from a character’s inventory when leaving the active area during “Don’t Stalk Me, Troll.”
    • World
      • Certain Prismatic Crystals in Nazjatar are now easier to interact with.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented players from seeing the Banshee’s Wail in Port of Zandalar.
      • A hole in the Imperial Gardens has been covered up.
      • Players should no longer get stuck while exploring Chitterspine Caverns.
      • Fixed an issue that caused chunks of terrain to disappear in Northrend.

    To view all content update notes, click here.

    For World of Warcraft customer support, please visit our Support Site or our Customer Support discussion forum. If you’ve found a bug, please let us know about it in our Bug Report Forum. There, you’ll find our updated 8.2 Known Issues List (coming soon), as well as other resources.

    Periodic Destruction Achievement Completable Today for Undersea Usurper Meta Achievment
    If you have been doing your Periodic Destruction achievement progress every week today is the first week you can complete it, which means it is the first day you can also complete the Undersea Usurper meta achievement and finally receive your Snapback Scuttler crab mount!


    World Quest Bonus Event
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    An extra weekly quest and rewards are here.

    Get out your best map and plan your route across every part of Kul Tiras and Zandalar, as this is a great time to immerse yourself in World Quests.

    This Week
    All week, open your map (default hotkey: m) and then select any of the six main Battle for Azeroth zones to consider the World Quests available to you. Hover your mouse over a World Quest on the map to see what tasks are needed complete it, the rewards you’ll receive, and the time remaining that the quest is available to you.

    Look for the following all week long:

    If you’ve been looking to impress some emissaries, this is the week to do it!

    Every Week
    The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.

    PvP Brawl - Warsong Scramble
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Every other week a new PvP Brawl will be available to players looking for something just a little different. Each Brawl will offer a variety of modes, rules, and scenic changes to the usual Battleground gameplay, and you’ll find them in the Group Finder tool (hotkey “I”) in the Player vs. Player tab. Just like Random Battlegrounds, you’ll receive a reward for achieving victory.

    Warsong Scramble – Capture the Flag
    Do you have a flag? Warsong Gulch has always been the scene of an epic Capture the Flag battle, but what happens when you can capture your enemy’s flag without your own at base? Find out when you step into this PvP Brawl! We’ve also added a few more power-ups to the field of battle to stir things up a bit. To win, your team will need to be the first to capture 5 flags.


    Island Expeditions for the Week of September 17th, 2019
    The Island Expeditions for the week are:

    • Crestfall with Dragons
    • The Dread Chain with Ice Trolls
    • Whispering Reef with Naga

    View the full article

    Steam Library Beta Now Open

    By Valve,

    We're pleased to announce that the New Steam Library is now available in open beta – all players can opt-in and try out the new features.


    Learn about the features of the New Library
    You can learn more about the features of the New Library from the Library Update page and our recent blog post.

    How do I join the beta?
    Opting in to the Steam Client Beta lets you use the latest features before they're released, not just the New Steam Library.


    Follow the instructions below to participate in the Steam client beta:

    1. With Steam running, click on "Steam" in the upper left, then choose the "Settings" menu. (Preferences on Mac) or follow this link[steam//settings].
    2. On the "Account" tab under "Beta Participation" click the "Change..." button.
    3. Select the "Steam Beta Update" from the drop down list and click "OK".
    4. You will be prompted to restart Steam, please select the "Restart Steam" button.

    We want to know what you think!
    We've done our best to make improvements that we believe evolve the Steam Library experience to make it better and more relevant for everyone. Let us know what you think, we'll be making improvements throughout the Beta period.

    -The Steam Team

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    Steam Library Beta Now Open

    By Valve,

    : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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    NHL 20 Review – Off The Post

    By GameInformer,


    Publisher: EA Sports
    Developer: EA Vancouver
    Release: September 13, 2019
    Rating: Everyone 10+
    Reviewed on: PlayStation 4
    Also on: Xbox One

    NHL 20 is that team that didn’t make moves in the off-season beyond conditioning its current players and adding mid-tier free agents. After going big last year with a new skating and physics engine, NHL 20 dials back by focusing on refinements and smaller improvements. The result is better gameplay, but the changes – or in some cases the lack thereof – to the core modes leave much to be desired.

    While not a complete reinvention, the overall gameplay looks and feels better than it ever has. The addition of contextual and star players’ signature shots make all the difference. Not every player looks the same winding up a slapshot, and now players react more realistically, such as going down on one knee to snipe or leaning forward into the stick for more snapping power. This adds some much-needed variety to the on-ice action and makes setting up plays more fun. Everything feels more natural, especially one-timers and jamming the stick in scrums for the dirty goals. Although, in turn, I found scoring a lot easier than in past entries, leading to ridiculously high-scoring games.

    One part that feels off is the checking; sometimes out of nowhere, players get a surge of momentum, allowing them to land hulking, unrealistic checks. I wish physicality factored more into board battles like real-life, an area that still needs work. Players’ on-ice awareness also stands to be improved; you still see them skating past pucks or reverting back to defense when they should be battling for the puck. Also, while I was impressed with the new goaltending animations that had them making acrobatic saves, I can’t say the same for the goaltending A.I. itself. While goalies certainly follow the puck better, they still don’t adjust to player tendencies, biting on the same moves repeatedly. 

    Everyone will invariably be attracted to different modes, but expect refinements rather than large-scale changes. Be A Pro players are once again left out in the dust with the mode being practically identical to last year and in desperate need of new lifeblood. EA Sports Hockey League also remains largely the same, with its player classes, traits, and specialties in need of new options. Unfortunately, this also means things like A.I. defensemen jumping into the play at inappropriate times. NHL 20 also features alumni rosters, although they feel like an afterthought with some questionable line-ups, like the Anaheim Ducks’ roster featuring Jarkko Ruutu, Niklas Hagman, and Bryan Allen (201 franchise games), while omitting Francois Beauchemin and Paul Kariya (1198 franchise games).

    Click image thumbnails to view larger version

    nhl20_rinne_edit.jpg nhl20_subban_thumbnail.jpg nhl20_crosby_shot1_edit.jpg nhl20_laine.jpg nhl20_mackinnon.jpg nhl20_pettersson_2_edit.jpg nhl20_quick_blocker_save.jpg



    This may seem disappointing, but a slew of other modes make smart, though minor, additions. Arcade-focused Ones includes couch co-op, allowing you to play as star NHL players against friends. Ultimate Team introduces squad battles, a single-player competitive mode where you compete against A.I.-controlled teams created by the HUT community, which give players an easier way to earn rewards. World of Chel adds new cosmetic items alongside weekly challenges to get special limited-time jerseys and hats (though it is still lacking compared to other games on the market). 

    The mode that got the biggest face-lift is Franchise, where you pull the strings behind the scenes by taking on the role of general manager, forging a path to the cup. You now have more ways to strategize by hiring coaches with their own systems and finding the right players to fit within it, or firing your coaching staff when it no longer works. I love the idea, but this mode is a mess and will probably take EA some time to iron out the kinks. Franchise’s new trade finder is barely functional, most of the time turning up nothing or less-than-ideal deals. Signing coaches is the most frustrating process, as they’re extremely picky if your franchise isn’t 100-percent ideal, requiring you to throw money at them, and even then, they sometimes cannot be swayed. And it appears EA just forgot the option to have you filter for goalie coaches, meaning you won’t find candidates to interview who want that role. 

    I like that players and coaches come to you to have conversations, but it’s very one-sided as you can never summon them to discuss changes or poor performance. Worse is you don’t always have ways to meet their demands. For instance, when a player asks for more minutes, you have no way to communicate this to the coach except to try playing them on another line and hoping the coach leans on that one more. To Franchise’s credit, the player readiness category in scouting is extremely helpful for planning future rosters. Also, players asking for appropriate compensation for contracts based on their stats and the season they’re having is a welcome improvement. The mode no doubt needed a shakeup, and the ideas are promising, I just wish it was in better shape.

    NHL 20 is an uneven experience. One minute I’d feel the high of setting up an awesome play and seeing the puck land in the back of the net, but then I’d slam my stick into the ice frustrated by disappointing aspects across its modes. Seeing similar issues continually bleed over year after year is getting harder to forgive the longer they go on, but it’s still the only way you can really experience the thrill of being on the ice, and at the very least, it captures that well.  


    Score: 7.5

    Summary: NHL 20 boasts better gameplay, but more effort could have gone into improving its various modes.

    Concept: Build upon last year’s new skating engine by making plays and shots look and feel more realistic while refining many popular modes

    Graphics: Not much has changed in this department through the years, but the new shot and goaltending animations are impressive. More real-world likeness for star players would go a long way

    Sound: The commentary gets a much-needed change-up, thanks to new duo James Cybulski and Ray Ferraro taking the helm. The pair add new energy and life to the on-ice action

    Playability: The game certainly plays better than NHL 19, but many modes lack the upgrades they so desperately need

    Entertainment: NHL 20 gives hockey fans plenty of ways to have fun and invest their time, but there are a few disappointments along the way

    Replay: High

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