CentricLegends.com ARK PvE Cluster

CentricLegends.com ARK: Survival Evolved PvE Cluster

Server Specs: 8 CPU @ 3.8GHz, 30GB RAM, NVMe Storage, 1Gbps Network. Hosted in Canada East. Nightly update and reboot at 5:30AM PST.

Server #1 – RAGNAROK


Server #2 – MULTIMAP


This server cycles maps on a regular basis, as determined by the admins and/or community vote. Bases are saved between map switches.




All our ARK servers share the same configuration, unless otherwise stated.

  • Max Player Level: 350 (265, +85 Ascension)
  • Max Wild Level: 240
  • Max Tamed Levels: 150
  • XP: 10x
  • Gather: 10x
  • Taming: 10x
  • Hatch Speed: 25x
  • Mature Speed: 100x
  • Mating Interval: 0.10
  • Imprint Interval: 0.01x
  • Max Mutator Pulses: 10x (2 Element per pulse)
  • Crop Growth Speed: 15x
  • Global Spoil Time: 10x
  • Player Food & Water Drain: 0.6x
  • Player Health Recovery: 4x
  • Player Damage: 2x
  • Player Damage Resistance: +50%
  • Max Players in Tribe: 10
  • Auto Unlock Engrams
  • Custom Supply Drops

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