How can I join the CLG game servers?

Please join our Discord server for the latest server connection information & details. Each game server we host has it’s own dedicated section on our Discord server.

Ensure you use the react roles to assign yourself the Discord role for the game you are interested in so that you can view that section in our Discord.

How can I contact an Admin?

You can reach the Centric Legends admin team by joining our Discord server and asking for assistance by any of the Moderators, Support Team, or Admins.

What are the server rules?

Our server rules can be viewed on our Forums and Discord.

How can I report a player?

You can report a player using our Discord or the contact us form. You must submit appropriate evidence with your player report for it to be considered. Our administrators will review and take disciplinary action as they deem necessary.

How can I appeal a ban or restriction?

Players who have received a ban or restriction may contact us to appeal the decision. There are no guarantees that a ban or suspension will be overturned, nor that an appeal will be responded to. If you believe your ban or restriction should be overturned, provide evidence to support your appeal. Requests for additional information, such as the length of a restriction or reason for a ban, are provided at the administrator’s discretion.

Where are the servers hosted?

Typically our servers are hosted in Canada or USA based locations. Each of our servers will have it’s location information in the details section. Check the server list page or Discord for more detailed information.

How can I apply to be a staff member?

Centric Legends is always looking for mature, humble, and responsible individuals to volunteer their time to help better our community. Typical staff positions: Moderator, Game Master, Support Team, Events Coordinator, Recruiter, and more. To apply please use the contact us form and provide more details about your background and why you think you’d make a good fit for our team.

How can I donate or sponsor?

Check our shop for details on VIP Memberships, game packages and one-time donations. We rely on donations to keep our servers running and the lights on.

We also accept business partners, sponsorships and advertisement placements. Use the contact us form for business inquires.

When was Centric Legends founded?

Centric Legends was founded in 2008 originally as a World of Warcraft guild. Over time our community grew and we expanded to more games.

Who owns Centric Legends?

Centric Legends is owned and operated by Sheernox Technology Group based in British Columbia, Canada.

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