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    The Easter Eggs And References Of Spider-Man

    By GameInformer,


    Spider-Man is going to be full of references to his long history and past Spider-Man stories. Some references and Easter eggs will be obvious, but others will be more subtle. We've talked about a number of these references already in our coverage of the game so far, but wanted to put everything we saw into one place, and also talk about some of the other surprises we encountered while playing.

    Sanctum Sanctorum from Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan Embassy
    We asked Insomniac writer Jon Paquette about how far this Spider-Man story would stretch beyond the realm of Spider-Man's world. "We are firmly planted in the Spider-verse, with the characters you are familiar with, with all of Spider-Man’s stories and Peter’s stories," Paquette said. While everything we've seen proves that to be true, it does not outright ignore the expanded Marvel universe. We don't know if these locations will play into the story in a meaningful way, but we can absolutely confirm that Avengers Tower (complete with the Giant "A" on the side), Dr. Strange's Sanctum Santorum, and the Wakandan Embassy from Black Panther are all present in the game.

    We don't know if Stan Lee will be making one of his obligatory cameos in Spider-Man, but we do know one part of the man appears in the game. We saw at least one license plate that had Lee's familiar catchphrase, "Excelsior!" on it. Knowing how video game license plates work, however, it's entirely possible that every car in Spider-Man's New York will feature the phrase.


    Crusher Hogan vs. The Spider
    In the corner of Peter's apartment there is a poster highlighting his early Spider-Man shenanigans from 2010. Peter, dressed in what is probably his first Spider-Man suit, wrestled and defeated Joe "Crusher Hogan" Hogan for money. In the comics, Hogan rarely goes full-on villain, but his life is affected by that early fight with Spider-Man. Additionally, we're betting that the suit featured in the poster will be available as an unlock.

    Fisk and McClintock Construction
    We saw Fisk Construction signs everywhere, which is not surprising considering Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk is a major antagonist in the game, and he has his hands in a number of different businesses in Spider-Man's New York, including construction. The more interesting construction sign we saw, however, was for McClintock Construction. McClintock Construction is a part of the Marvel universe, created for Netflix's Daredevil, and it is related to Fisk in the context of that show. In that universe, the character McClintock also has ties to Union Allied Construction, the company that worked to rebuild New York after the events of the first Avengers film. We're not sure how McClintock construction will factor in the game – it may just be a fun nod – but we definitely saw that name.

    Rhino as he appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man

    Scorpion, Rhino, and Vulture
    We know Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk, Martin "Mister Negative" Li, and Herman "Shocker" Schultz are in Spider-Man, but the game's opening cutscene offers hints for a few other villains. As the camera pans around Peter's apartment, it slowly pans past a wall of newspaper articles calling out Scorpion, Rhino, and Vulture, complete with photographs. The headlines imply that Peter saved these articles to commemorate these villains being put behind bars, so it's possible they may stay there for the duration of the game, but the prospect of getting to tussle with all three of those villains is undeniably exciting.

    SwillCo Soda?
    Another element of the game's opening cutscene that stood out were discarded cans of SwillCo soda. We also saw signs for the beverage while exploring the city. SwillCo is not a brand from the Marvel universe (as far as we can tell), but we think it might be a referential cousin to FizzCo, the world-destroying energy drink from Sunset Overdrive – another Insomniac game.

    Empire State University Posters
    We saw ESU signs all over the place while exploring the city. It's the college Peter attended, and in the timeline of the game, the one from which he recently graduated. ESU has been in the Marvel universe since its introduction in 1965 and has been host to all kinds of Marvel characters other than Spider-Man, like members of the Fantastic Four at different times, though I doubt any of them will appear in the game.


    Norman Osborn Re-election Posters
    In Spider-Man's story, Norman Osborn was elected Mayor before the events of the game. During the few weeks of October during which the game takes place, he is running for re-election, and we saw campaign posters for his bid everywhere.

    Spider-Man's Performer Is Secretly Spider-Man
    Yuri Lowenthal is playing the titular character in Spider-Man, but he is taking that role a step further by making sure he is always Spider-Man, even under his mo-cap suit. "One day, we were doing performance capture and it was the weekend of Halloween and so I wore a Spider-Man shirt, one of those Under Armour things, some Spider-Man boxers, and some Spider-Man socks and then at the end of the day I opened it up and showed it off and everyone thought it was funny," Lowenthal says, "Everyone thought it was so funny that it became a thing."

    At long last, the secret’s out. For the last several years I’ve had the best job in the world, and couldn’t say a thing about it. Thanks, @insomniacgames for making my inner child’s dream come true. 🕷🕸❤️ #spiderman #spidermanps4 pic.twitter.com/Wp1K1g2z7z

    — Yuri Lowenthal (@YuriLowenthal) April 4, 2018

    To see our entire month of Spider-Man coverage, click the banner below and bookmark our hub. New stories and features are added every couple of days, so check back to learn more about Insomniac's Spider-Man game for PS4.


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    Calling All Devs

    By RSI,

    Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU. This week, we address questions on racing in the PU and Arena Commander, NPCs flying on trade routes, the future of the RSI Roadmap and more.

    You can submit your questions for consideration in future episodes of Calling All Devs here

    And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions

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    Summer Games Done Quick 2018 Schedule Released

    By GameInformer,


    The programming schedule for Summer Games Done Quick, the annual speedrunning event that runs through games quickly for charity, has been released.

    This year, the event begins with Banjo-Tooie on Sunday, June 24 and ends with Final Fantasy VI as the closer on June 30. In the middle, you'll find things like Pikmin 3, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Contra: Shattered Soldier, Castlevania, Cuphead, Prey, Divinity: Original Sin II, Undertale, Super Mario Maker, and way, way more.

    You can find the full schedule here for when you need to ask for time off because you're coincidentally very sick during the Mega Man block and can't come in to work.

    SGDQ 2018 will be raising money this year for Doctors without Borders, an international medical humanitarian organization that provides healthcare regardless of geographic or political circumstances.


    Our Take
    The long RPG blocks never really do much for me, but there's a lot on this schedule I'm really eager to see. The Pokemon Yellow/Red one should be really interesting, as it seems to be one player controlling both games simultaneously with one controller.

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    Zamasu Confirmed As DLC For Dragon Ball FighterZ

    By GameInformer,


    Following an earlier report that the next Dragon Ball FighterZ character would be Merged Zamasu, Bandai Namco has confirmed the alternate-future villain will be arriving as simply Zamasu.

    The Dragon Ball Super character was the primary antagonist of the future Trunks saga with a power that was literally incomprehensible by the people present. Zamasu would be the furthest character in the Dragon Ball Super story to appear in Dragon Ball FighterZ as a playable fighter so far.


    Revere Him! Praise Him! He's coming soon to #DRAGONBALLFighterZ. See more screenshots here: https://t.co/l44pEyl4km pic.twitter.com/giz3a4H1hz

    — Bandai Namco US (@BandaiNamcoUS) April 23, 2018


    It is hard to get a grip on his fighting style just from the screenshots, but most shots indicate a focus on beam attacks and zoning. The two available DLC characters, Bardock and Brolly, focus on fast movement and slow super-armor attacks respectively. It's also not known yet when Zamasu would be available, but Bandai Namco's Twitter account simply says "Soon" when pressed for a date.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ's season pass is $35 with the two released DLC characters selling for $5 each.


    Our Take
    Season 1 seems limited by when development on DLC characters started, as there are a number of Super and specifically Tournament of Power characters I'd rather have than Zamasu. Hopefully he will be fun to play, though, as a strong zoning character would definitely have some advantages.

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    Report: Quantic Dream Suing French Media Over Articles About Toxic Work Conditions

    By GameInformer,


    Quantic Dream, the developer behind the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, was accused earlier this year of toxic work conditions at its studio that included homophobic, sexist, and racist behavior. These reports came to light through a series of articles from French publications. Despite Quantic Dream's CEO and founder David Cage adamantly denying the allegations, the news quickly spread across media worldwide, with Le Monde journalist William Audureau saying he had been "blacklisted" by Sony for his coverage on the subject.

    Now, several months later, a report from Kotaku says that Cage and his studio are suing French outlets Le Monde and Mediapart who put together these articles. Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier says he learnt about the lawsuit in an "unusual fashion," when he happened to be in Paris at the same time this was unfolding. He was supposed to meet with Audureau, but was then told the meeting had to be rescheduled because Audureau was "caught up in court." Despite Schreier's publisher not knowing the details, one of Sony's PR handlers let it slip when another Kotaku reporter questioned them about it. "We are suing their journalists," Sony PR said, according to Kotaku.

    When Kotaku caught up with Audureau finally, he confirmed the lawsuit but didn't elaborate much. “The story has been written sincerely, following a well-documented, thorough investigation, respectful of the principle that both sides must be heard,” Audureau told Kotaku. “We stick with our information."

    A third French media outlet, Canard PC, which collaborated with Le Monde and Mediapart for the story is not being sued. A month after these allegations were made public, Quantic Dream called it a "smear campaign" and that legal action was underway.  

    The first court hearing will occur in June. We've reached out to Sony and will update this article should we hear back.

    [Source: Kotaku]


    Our Take
    In court, these French outlets will have to prove that their reporting was fair. These legal matters, however, often take time to reach a resolution. It's up to the judge to decide if the evidence and employee accounts used in these articles are accurate and portrayed in good faith, rather than for a smear campaign.

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    Demo For Detroit: Become Human Drops Tomorrow

    By GameInformer,


    After giving the press extensive hands-on time with the game (you can read our thoughts here), fans are also getting the chance to play Detroit: Become Human. Starting tomorrow, April 24, a demo will be available on the PlayStation 4.

    Detroit: Become Human is the newest game from David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream, best known story-focused games involving choice, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

    The demo focuses on a chapter we saw in our hands-on time called “Hostage.” In this scene, you play as Connor, an android programmed to hunt down disobedient androids, which are on the rise. You must figure out how to defuse an intense hostage situation by searching for clues and making dialogue choices. We won’t spoil anything so you can see how the situation plays out for yourself.

    Detroit: Become Human launches on May 25 for PS4.

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