All players and users of our servers and community are subject to abide by our rules and policies. Users who do not follow our policies may have disciplinary action taken against them at the discretion of our Administrators. We reserve our right to disable any account at any time for any reason and without notice.
Each of our game servers generally have specific rules. You may find those on the Discord section for that game.


Writing a non-exhaustive list of prohibited content would take too long, so use your common sense. If you’re in doubt, ask a moderator or member of staff.

  • Centric Legends is an **R-Rated** community and it’s content may not be appropriate for all ages. We recommend members be *at least 18 years of age*. However, we’re NOT X-rated so pornography and other X-Rated content is strictly not allowed.
  • **Be respectful!**; Personal abuse, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks of any nature won’t be tolerated.
  • Play fair! No hacking, cheating, exploiting, duping, scripting, etc.
  • We ask that upon joining, please use a nickname that is familiar to us (BattleTag, Steam, gamer tag, etc). Ask a staff member for a nickname change.
  • Only use @⭐ Director if there is a legitimate issue.
  • Unless you’re a staff member, don’t use @ here or everyone.
  • Although CL is R-Rated, pornography, gore, etc is NOT permitted.
  • Please keep chat relevant to the channel you are in.
  • No personal information, no addresses, no phone numbers.
  • Ban evasion will not be tolerated.
  • Please no using Discord bots outside of #bot_spam.
  • No third party bots without asking a staff member.
  • No advertising, spam, or invites to other discord servers.
  • English only.



We take our community very seriously and will do our very best to meet your satisfaction. Subscribers/VIPs may see their billing history and cancel subscriptions at any time using the self-service online shop. Please keep your receipts for proof of purchase.

All donations and payments made to Centric Legends Gaming are non-refundable. Rewards are subject to change/removal/addition at anytime by the discretion of administration team or by request of game developers to be compliant with their monetization policies. Donation rewards are non-transferable from one player to another. We have a zero-tolerance policy with charge-backs and/or fraudulent payments, which will result in your account being permanently banned.

Any purchase is in return for our time and services. We are not selling an item to you directly, we are selling your ability to posses VIP items & other bonuses on our servers as a means of supporting the community. VIP items and rewards are not owned by players but are allowed to be used on our servers as a service from us. VIP items and rewards are not allowed be re-sold or traded to other players. VIPs are not immune to the community guidelines and policies. Player bans and/or suspensions will render any purchase as forfeited and void. Purchased game packages & VIP items do NOT transfer or carry-over into new seasons or server wipes, unless otherwise stated.


Centric Legends’ server administrators have a duty to protect it’s users, network and servers from player abuse, attacks, cheaters, etc. For this reason all events and traffic are logged which may include information about your device and personal information. Centric Legends respects your privacy, however monitoring capabilities are in place to ensure that Centric Legends remains a safe place for everyone.

There is no expectation of privacy in any form on our network. Communications using, or data stored on, this network are not private, are subject to routine monitoring, and interception. During monitoring, information may be examined, recorded, copied, and used for authorized purposes. All information, including personal and device information, placed on or sent over our network may be monitored. Additionally, all traffic on this external public network may be subject to government and third-party surveillance and interception. Your continued use of our network and systems, authorized or unauthorized, implies your acceptance of the above conditions.

We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice.
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