Please contact our admins, moderators, or support team for priority support if you need assistance with your shop purchases – we’re happy to help! Subscribers/VIPs may see their billing history and cancel subscriptions at any time using the self-service online shop. All shop purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Claiming Purchases

After payment you may need to contact our Admins to claim your items. We recommend you do so on Discord for the fastest response. Some items are delivered automatically and no contact is necessary. Please check the item description carefully for delivery instructions. In the event that we do not carry the item, you may trade it for something of equal or lesser value.


Players may be compensated in certain cases when in-game items, currency or other progress is lost due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the player’s control such as player abuse/violations, server issues, and game bugs. Be sure to include any proof such as links to screenshots or videos regarding the situation. Submitting false information will result in you receiving a ban from submitting future compensation requests! The Admin team will determine the appropriate compensation, if approved.

Please include:

  • Your Player ID
  • Date & Time of the incident & your timezone
  • Which server the incident occurred on
  • Evidence


We take player abuse and rule violations seriously. You can report a player using our Discord or the contact us form. You must submit appropriate evidence with your player report for it to be considered. Our administrators will review and take disciplinary action as they deem necessary.

Please include:

  • Player ID (Steam ID, other player handle)
  • Your Timezone
  • Date & Time of Incident
  • Evidence (readable screenshots and/or video)


Players who have received a ban or restriction may contact us to appeal the decision. There are no guarantees that a ban or suspension will be overturned, nor that an appeal will be responded to. If you believe your ban or restriction should be overturned, provide evidence to support your appeal. Requests for additional information, such as the length of a restriction or reason for a ban, are provided at the administrator’s discretion.

Please include:

  • Player ID
  • Date/Time of Ban
  • Why should the ban should be overturned?
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