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    An Emote Glitch Leads Bungie To Cancel Trials Of The Nine For Two Weeks

    By GameInformer,


    Destiny 2 players will have to go the next two weeks without the Trials of the Nine multiplayer mode, according to a blog post from Bungie's community manager Chris Shannon. Bungie is working to fix a glitch that lets players use an emote to hide outside the map.

    The emote in question is the Monty Python-inspired Bureaucratic Walk, and, according to reports by Eurogamer, the emote was pulled from sale earlier this week. However, that doesn't solve the issue of all the players who already bought the emote. As a result, Trials of the Nine will be offline for two weeks while Bungie works to resolve the issue. The event will resume on November 3.

    Trials of the Nine has had similar issues in the past. Last month Bungie had to change the game mode and map for the Trials playlist in order to prevent players from scoring kills while out of bounds on the Altar of Flame map. 

    [Source: Eurogamer]


    Our Take:
    The idea of Guardians using silly walks to break the game is pretty funny up until you get killed by one of them. Trials is a highly competitive and challenging mode that offers a change of pace from the PvE action, and there's nothing more frustrating than players cheesing the map in order to secure victory. Bungie has a great history with competitive multiplayer, but Destiny 2 in general has had some pretty serious issues with glitch exploits. Hopefully Bungie uses these two weeks not to just fix this one glitch, but to address the larger issue in a meaningful way.

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    Some Switch Indie Games To Get Limited Physical Releases Next Year

    By GameInformer,


    Some Nintendo Switch indie games may be getting a limited physical release soon. Limited Run Games, a company focusing on creating physical editions of otherwise digital-only games, announced approval to publish for the Switch today. While the company hasn’t announced what its first Switch-published game will be, it’s promising it will go to retail next year. The company says after their initial production run for each game sells out, they’ll never create more, keeping their promise of truly limited releases.

    Excited to announce that we've been approved to publish retail games on the Nintendo Switch.

    Our first release will hit in 2018! pic.twitter.com/40ARFrqLJv

    — Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) October 20, 2017

    Limited Run Games has previously only published games for PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC. In a reply on Twitter, the company said they'll be unlikely to create releases for Xbox One because Microsoft's minimum order quantities are too large for such limited releases.

    Last month the company had to delay its release lineup due to changes in ESRB requirements.


    Our Take
    Physical releases are great ways to give true fans of indie titles something to put in their gaming collection. I'm excited to see what Switch games Limited Run Games ends up releasing.


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    Super Mario Odyssey's Jazzy "Jump Up, Superstar!" Is Now Available On iTunes

    By GameInformer,


    Want to jazz up your Friday? Grab the full version of "Jump Up, Superstar!" from Super Mario Odyssey on iTunes. Head here to download the full four-minute song for $1.29.

    First heard in the 2017 Nintendo Direct trailer and then again in a musical trailer, the song's swinging big-band rhythm and melodies combined with singer Kate Davis' expressive singing make it impossible not to smile. It's also the perfect way to get in the mood for Super Mario Odyssey, which releases for Switch on October 27.

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

    For all things Super Mario Odyssey, check out our thoughts on three of the game's new kingdoms and what it's like to run around as a T. rex.


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    The Shipyard: Ship Thrusters and You

    By RSI,

    Ship Thrusters and You

    A Guide to the New Ship Matrix

    Greetings Citizens!

    Todays topic of discussion on the New Ship Matrix is all about thrusters and how we reflect their stats on the web page. Thrusters are obviously a key part of a spaceships and critical for getting you around and also a key area to manage in both fuel consumption and emissions. Thrusters come in a huge range of sizes and types from the smallest fixed maneuvering thruster on a Nox, the huge pivoting VTOL thrusters found on the Idris, and all the way to the humongous fixed main thrusters found on the Bengal.

    The first and most dramatic thing to notice with thrusters on the new matrix is the removal of TR values or Thrust Rating from the stats page and we’ve done this for a few reasons:

    With how ships are setup and tuned now we do not currently dictate independant thruster outputs, instead we allow thrust to be shunted around the thrusters as needed from a pool but within a total capped amount per thruster. With this its meant we have no “desired” or minimum thrust output values to generate TR values from or against.

    The value itself was always very confusing to explain and often did not match the art of the thrusters created by the talented art team which caused further confusion. How could a TR1 thruster on ship X be as powerful as a TR1 thruster on ship Y when its 1/10 the size?

    It was a un-intuitive and uninformative value to compare ships with given how complicated the flight model is, knowing that a ship had three TR2’s versus another with 2 TR3’s gave no useful information that couldn’t be better presented elsewhere, such as the values on the Technical Information panel we discussed yesterday.

    The second change to notice is the removal of Size attributes for the thrusters, these have been removed for much the same reason as TR was removed. As thrusters are unique to the ship and swappable in complete sets the size loses all meaning. Instead of the old Thrust Rating and Size values we now display the amount and more information on the type of thruster equipped to your ship between the two categories of thruster:

    Main Thrusters

    Main {M}


    The primary thrusters on the ship that are responsible for making it go forwards, these are the most important ones on traditionally constructed ships and provide the bulk of forward momentum.

    Retro {R}


    Having moved from the maneuvering section of the old matrix these are now counted in the Main Thruster category as they are a critical thruster set on the ship. There is little point having the biggest thruster around if you cant stop in time! Generally found in pairs some ships may have more or less depending on their roles and having a damage one can cause serious issues when trying to stop.

    VTOL {V}


    These thrusters provide lift in the Z+ axis and can either be fixed in one position to provide continuous upward thrust or can pivot when needed to provide that thrust. Cargo or particularly ships tend to have fixed VTOL thrusters on the underside if they are required to enter/exit planets or moons with gravity to aid them in leaving the atmosphere and to also slow their decent. If a ship does not have any dedicated VTOL thrusters it is not the end of the world, it just requires more forethought under those circumstances mentioned before.

    Maneuvering Thrusters


    Fixed {F}

    Fixed Maneuvering thrusters provide instant thrust output as they do not need to align to the desired vector first, this gives a quicker response leading to more agility. The downside is you need to have more of them, a minimum of 12 on a ship to provide the ability to move in any direction with 6DOF.


    Gimbal {G}

    Gimbal Maneuvering thrusters provide thrust on one or more axis as they pivot or rotate to align themselves to the desired vector before providing thrust. This allows less thrusters to be needed but at the cost of a slower response rate and a small amount of power required to move them into position, making them vulnerable to power management problems.

    The best way to theorycraft ship performance using these stats is to consider the types of thrusters in conjunction with the maneuvering stats on the Technical Information panel that we detailed in the last post.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    or: Questions We Figured You Might Have

    Q: If Thrust Ratings (TR) are not displayed, will they ever come back?

    A: In some form yes, whilst we’ve removed them from the Ship Matrix for now due to the above reasons we have plans to bring back a more useful form of them with ongoing thruster and flight model updates in future patches, in part to deal with the somewhat overpowered maneuvering thrusters that have become commonplace with the changes to the flight model in 2.6.

    Q: Can we swap out thrusters for ones with increased performance/other abilities?

    A: That is the goal but not possible in SC Alpha 3.0 and will be included in a future update. We plan to allow players to swap out their thrusters in sets, main and maneuvering together, for ones of alternate type such as Racing or Stealth styled ones. These would come with a visual difference to differentiate them from the stock loadout alongside adjusted stats in various systems to provide a different flight experience from normal. For example swapping out a Hornets default thruster set for a Stealth thruster set would seriously reduce its IR emissions over standard at the expense of performance and wear rate.

    Further Reading

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    Reader Discussion – Are Loot Boxes Really That Bad?

    By GameInformer,


    By this point, you've had lots of chances to hear our thoughts on the rising trend of loot boxes in the industry. From written editorials to lengthy podcast discussions, we're not fans of this predatory approach to game design.  

    But is the situation being blown out of proportion? As a consumer, are you bothered by the microtransaction-driven loot box model? Is this just the outrage topic of the moment? 

    Or, on the other hand, are they not being condemned strongly enough by the gaming community?

    Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Around the Verse

    By RSI,

    Sandi Gardiner and Forrest Stephan host an episode focused on improvements coming to legacy armor. Plus, watch what bugs were dealt with in this week’s “Burndown.”

    And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions

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