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    This Pricey Cyberpunk 2077 Watch Uses Blockchain Technology To Prevent Counterfeiting

    By GameInformer,


    Cyberpunk 2077 might not be at the forefront of games news like it was almost a year ago, but it’s still making waves as players await 2022’s next-gen overhaul and expansion content. CD Projekt Red’s futuristic adventure was even nominated in the Best RPG category at this year’s Game Awards show. So, what’s next? More merch, of course. CDPRgear and Blonie Watches have teamed up to bring a stunning (and very expensive) watch to Cyberpunk fans everywhere. In addition to a bevy of other cutting-edge features that I’ll elaborate on below, the pricey accessory uses blockchain technology to prevent counterfeiting. 

    #CDPRgear and @Blonie_Watches proudly present the T-2077 — a limited edition wristwatch born from a love for the craft and the dystopian setting of #Cyberpunk2077. Even the odds and make sure time’s always on your side ⌚

    Pre-order yours today at https://t.co/PiyijbkPNC pic.twitter.com/a830TS3WjV

    — CD PROJEKT RED (@CDPROJEKTRED) December 1, 2021

    So, what exactly comes with your $500 purchase of the T-2077 (seen above)? Check out these specifications from the official CDPRgear website:

    • Case — Pure Grade 2 Titanium
    • Mechanism — quartz with a digital LED-type display (yellow)
    • Glass — darkened mineral, with additional sapphire coating
    • Bracelet — Pure Grade 2 Titanium with butterfly clasp (you are freely able to swap the bracelet with a strap of your own)
    • Water Resistance — Up to 5 atmospheres
    • Battery — Model CR2032; lithium manganese dioxide/Organic Electrolyte; 3V, 220mAh
    • Display Format — 12 hour and 24-hour options
    • Sizes — Adjustable in three sizes; comes with supplemental links (professional service recommended)
    • Warranty — 2 years

    The watch is also set for an estimated June 2022 release. If you’re interested and have the Night City eurodollars to spend, head here to select a bracelet size and order the luxury watch. 

    The included blockchain tech from the specialist firm, Arianee, “provides the T-2077 owner with digital certification of authenticity, effectively a digital passport for their watch, mitigating the risk of counterfeiting. Should the owner wish to transfer ownership they can do so easily using the Arianne app.”

    If you’re an avid merch/accessory collector, you might also want to nab a Ludens Mask from Death Stranding or enter the Swarovski sweepstakes for a crystal version of the Master Chief’s helmet and energy sword.

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    Fortnite: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Teases His Role As The Foundation In New Energy Drink Ad

    By GameInformer,


    Since the reveal of The Foundation, a character critical to Fortnite Chapter 2’s ongoing overarching narrative, fans have speculated on who it might be. The number one theory links The Foundation to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and for good reason – the character’s armor features a design that matches up nicely with Johnson’s tattoos. 

    We were all but confident that Johnson was The Foundation, but the actor’s new Twitter video today seems to finally confirm the role. Oddly enough, it comes by way of a ZOA energy drink ad in which Johnson is seen talking about ZOA while using words that match up with Fortnite – zero point, higher ground, foundation, and the universe, to name a few. 

    Late night grind, POWERED BY @zoaenergy💥⚡
    ZOA delivers healthy energy when you get to that ZERO POINT so you’re always taking the HIGHER GROUND.
    Because drinking ZOA, will always give you the strongest FOUNDATION in the UNIVERSE!
    Sip your ZO, now LFG!!!! #ifyouknowyouknow 🦾 pic.twitter.com/admN7U9QKt

    — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) December 2, 2021

    Then, as you can see above, he reaches into a fridge to grab a ZOA, and lo and behold, The Foundation’s helmet is sitting there. Of course, Johnson ignores it – cheeky – but then he returns right to using some Fortnite-centric words again. The tweet that accompanies his video also says “#ifyouknowyouknow” with a robotic arm beside it, so...uhh yeah, Johnson is The Foundation – we smell what you’re cooking. 

    The timing of this reveal is curious, too – Fortnite Chapter 3 is right around the corner. Perhaps The Foundation is primed to take on a more significant role in the battle royale’s story. Maybe we’ll hear Johnson’s voice as The Foundation in Chapter 3. Only time will tell for now. 

    While waiting to learn more, check out this trailer that shows Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming to an end before Chapter 3 launches sometime soon. Check out Game Informer’s Fornite review after that, and then give Game Informer’s list of all Marvel and DC characters in Fortnite a look. 

    Are you excited to see what The Rock is cooking? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Solar Ash Review – A Rollercoaster Of Style And Substance

    By GameInformer,


    Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
    Developer: Heart Machine
    Release: December 2, 2021
    Reviewed on: PlayStation 5
    Also on: PlayStation 4, PC

    Rei awakens, dazed and confused within the Ultravoid. She’s a voidrunner, meaning she explores black holes with the help of advanced technology. Unfortunately, the Ultravoid is an exceptionally massive black hole with Rei’s home planet ensnared in its vacuum. Time is of the essence; Rei was sent into the Void as part of a team to activate the Starseed, a device designed to collapse the black hole and save her planet. But her allies have vanished, and the Ultravoid has native defenses in the form of ink-like monsters. With dire stakes and Hail Mary solutions, Rei’s solo mission is worth seeing through to its surprising conclusion in this impressive high-speed action platformer.

    Activating the Starseed requires slaying six Remnants, humongous beasts that hold dominion over the Ultravoid’s handful of biomes. Awakening these titans is the first step, which involves destroying giant eyeballs connected to them scattered across the landscapes. Thankfully, Rei is a nimble explorer. Solar Ash is all about the flow of movement, and getting around the Ultravoid is a wonderful rush. Rei’s skating feels swift but controlled; I never lost control when it wasn’t my fault, even in the most precarious areas. Even better, she instantly recovers speed when slowing down becomes necessary. I gleefully leaped across floating ruins, bubbling lava pools, and acid waterfalls with calculated recklessness thanks to the expert placement of platforms and grind rails. No matter how far I jumped, I always had a landing to target.

    Lock-on grapple points and a slow-motion aim mechanic work well and are woven perfectly into platforming puzzles. I only wish transitioning between grind rails was snappier. Given the speed of Rei’s grinding and how far she can launch, it’s easy to overshoot rails, given their close proximity.

    Click here to watch embedded media

    I regularly said, “wow,” whenever I stepped into a new biome. Solar Ash is beautiful. Its striking color palette and an almost spherical world design lend the experience a dreamlike quality. You can skate up and around this cosmic playground from seemingly impossible angles, and looking across inverted landscapes is always a trippy delight. Each area adds fun twists that take advantage of your movement, such as carrying rapidly fading mushroom spores to matching colored nodes to sprout vines for grinding.

    Everything in the game is in service of keeping you moving, and that extends to the simple but satisfying hack n’ slash combat. Most enemies drop after only a couple of hits, meaning you can easily kill them without stopping. Gracefully eradicating foes while artfully dodging their attacks never ceases to feel cool. My favorite encounters are against the Remnants. These towering monsters come in different shapes and sizes, including a bipedal warrior or a flying bat-like creature. They essentially act as moving platforming puzzles and are the final exams of your skills. Racing across their writhing forms to quickly shatter nodes across their bodies is a reflex-focused, white-knuckle affair that had me holding my breath and fist-pumping in triumph. Taking too long and getting vaporized back to the ground is frustrating, but that was usually due to an errant choice in my platforming and often fixed by a quick course correction. 

    I also appreciate Solar Ash’s elegantly clean overall design. I wasn’t burdened by complicated mechanics or even new abilities for Rei. She retains the same small skillset throughout the experience, with collectible suits offering useful passive buffs, such as health-restoring attacks or increased speed boosts. Along the way, you collect currency in the form of plasma used exclusively to upgrade your health. Bizarrely, however, defeating each Remnant triggers a sequence that removes one notch of health. I’m not sure what the point is in constantly spending thousands of plasma to regain the same disappearing hit point, but I’m not a fan of it.

    Click image thumbnails to view larger version




    Solar Ash’s gripping tale of desperation and hope against all odds serves as another highlight. I felt for Rei, who is a rookie inadvertently burdened with the weight of her entire species. The story evolves her almost stubborn optimism and sense of duty in an effective – and surprising – way I won’t spoil. I came into Solar Ash expecting to feel indifferent towards Rei, and I’m pleasantly surprised to emerge feeling the opposite. 

    Sprinting around the world is fun, but I was more than willing to slow down to absorb the intriguing lore along the edges, which fleshes out the Ultravoid’s history. Journal entries present fascinating tales of survival from those trapped within the Void. While these story beats are positioned as sidequests, uncovering the tragic arcs of Rei’s allies and the few surviving NPCs feels necessary as they feed into Rei’s character development and the story’s primary themes of loss, regret, and isolation. One standout tale involves a native of the Void grappling with his race’s tradition of sacrificing themselves to maintain the cycle of life and death. The writing even does a great job of making you care about CYD, your AI helper and one faithful companion, as the loneliness of the Ultravoid eventually rears its head.

    Solar Ash had me racing across its cloud-covered playgrounds in the early hours, searching for the next fun platforming segment. By the remaining hours, I was running to see the conclusion of its gripping narrative. Solar Ash oozes as much substance as it does style, making for a wholly entertaining space romp.


    Score: 8.75

    Summary: Fine-tuned platforming wrapped around a gorgeous world and alluring storytelling make Solar Ash a wholly entertaining cosmic romp.

    Concept: Explore a massive black hole and prevent it from consuming your planet by slaying colossal beasts to activate a powerful device

    Graphics: Solar Ash’s vivid environments are stunning. Most screenshots are worthy of being printed and hung on your walls

    Sound: Quality voice-acting serves as a surprising highlight, and the soundtrack is appropriately grandiose and eerie

    Playability: Skating and leaping across the fractured landscape feels smooth as butter. The smartly designed levels make it easy to maintain your forward momentum, even during combat

    Entertainment: Solar Ash plays as well as it looks with a strong story at the heart

    Replay: Moderately Low

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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Says ‘Tuning Is Complete’ As Final Balance Update Goes Live

    By GameInformer,


    With the release of Sora back in October, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster was finally complete, and now, the game’s balance tuning is also complete after a new update that’s now live. 

    First reported by Kotaku, Nintendo revealed on Twitter that the latest Ultimate balance update, Ver. 13.0.1 has been distributed and will be “the last update related to the balance adjustments of the game.” However, Nintendo said that other updates might happen to fix problems related to Ultimate. Director Masahiro Sakura also used this update to give thanks to everyone involved. 

    いろんなゲームの主役(級?)が入り乱れる大乱闘を、今後もお楽しみください! https://t.co/10X7YREOnJ

    — 桜井 政博 / Masahiro Sakurai (@Sora_Sakurai) December 2, 2021

    “Balance adjustment is now complete,” Sakurai writes on Twitter. “Thank you to everyone involved in the coordination. The fighters used in the top-ranked battles and the average online win rate are all different, so I think this is a generally desirable distribution.” 

    The actual update features nearly 60 changes to character moves, spanning 24 different fighters. There are damage increases, speed boosts, animation length changes, and much more. You can check out the full update patch notes here. As noted by Kotaku, there are quite a handful of buffs – more buffs than nerfs, even – so many of your favorite fighters are probably feeling a touch stronger than usual. 

    For more about Ultimate, check out our thoughts on it in Game Informer’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review and then read about how Nintendo has partnered with Panda Global for new Ultimate and Melee tournaments. Check out this story about how Sakurai is not currently thinking about a sequel to Ultimate but won’t rule one out just yet.

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    Halo Infinite: Sniper Gets 23-Player Killing Spree With One Bullet

    By GameInformer,


    Halo Infinite’s full release is just around the corner, and several players have already taken a liking to its free-to-play multiplayer mode. One player, in particular, named “Sakana,” posted a ridiculous clip (seen below) to Twitter, showcasing the stopping power of one of the franchise’s most popular rifles. With one sniper bullet, 23 players are eliminated in mere seconds. 

    23人抜きスナイパー #HaloInfinite pic.twitter.com/AjCoGewbL1

    — さかな🐟 (@sakanayalugang) November 30, 2021

    Impressive, right? Sure, Sakana got a bunch of buddies to stand single-file, but the results are still cool as hell. Watching the kill-points increase and the red-hued damage indicator flash per each downed Spartan is pretty satisfying. The only highlight that could top this would be if 23 players somehow lined up inadvertently in the middle of a standard multiplayer match. Let’s see how many people load into big team battles in the hopes of achieving this legendary feat. Trust me, you’re more likely to get a 23-player killing spree by playing the game mode normally. 

    This isn’t the only wild thing that people have done in Halo Infinite. We’ve seen players grapple the vehicle bumpers as if wakeboarding … but without the board. We’ve learned that Spartans can lob fusion coils with NFL-level arm strength. The list goes on and on and will likely extend to Infinite’s single-player mode when it releases on December 8 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. 

    If you’re a Halo fanatic like we are, be sure to enter the Swarovski sweepstakes for this crystallized Master Chief helmet and energy sword. And if you’re not an Xbox Games Pass member, then you’re missing out as Ultimate subscribers are slated to get access to monthly multiplayer bonuses.  Those’ll go nicely with the extra six-match XP that 343 Industries implemented in its latest Halo update

    That 23-player killing spree was nuts, right? Let us know what other zany stunts you’ve seen in the latest Halo installment!

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    Qualcomm Plans For New Gaming Handheld

    By GameInformer,


    It’s the last day of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021, and it saved the biggest announcement for the end. The company has developed a suite of new technologies designed specifically for the mobile gaming space, called the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform. On top of this, it has teamed up with Razer to create a handheld dev kit powered by the new chipset in the hopes that developers will produce tailor-made experiences for the device.

    What does that mean? The Steam Deck might have some handheld competition before long, as Qualcomm is aspiring to jump into the market with this Android-based product. While the device is only available to developers right now, I went to San Francisco to speak with Qualcomm Technologies’ senior director of product management, Micah Knapp, before the announcement and to try out the revealed hardware.


    Before jumping into impressions, here’s what developers will find bundled up in this kit – which is hopefully a baseline for what gamers can expect when the device eventually hits the market.

    • 6.65-inch OLED display with Full HD+ resolution and 10-bit HDR: Operating at up to 120hz
    • Haptics Engine
    • A 5MP/1080p60 webcam with two mics
    • 5G mmWave and sub-6 and Wi-Fi 6E
    • On-device 4-way speakers
    • 4K TV out

    Qualcomm’s vision for its Android handheld is to be the first device in the mobile arena that, unlike smartphones or tablets, is primarily dedicated to gaming. The dev kit is stuffed with everything needed to play Android games natively while also allowing users to stream games from their Xbox, PlayStation, or PC libraries whether they’re traveling far from home or sitting comfortably on the couch. But how does the vision hold up to the real-life hardware?

    The Snapdragon-powered handheld’s current look won’t win any innovation awards: it’s an elongated controller with a screen in the middle. It is just a shade smaller than the Steam Deck – measuring over 11 inches in length and weighing north of one pound – and, as far as hardware goes, doesn’t introduce anything players won’t have seen before outside the mobile space. However, the design may undergo many iterations in this early development period, so it will be interesting to see if anything gets a major overhaul before the handheld is ready for consumers.    


    As for gaming, I jumped into three different demos, all of which worked mostly as advertised. In games where I piloted a plane and drove a race car, the graphics got perceptibly fuzzy as I sped up, which left me wondering how well the Android device would handle more taxing games. However, streaming Minecraft Dungeons via the Xbox Game Pass app worked smoothly and quickly.

    One of the most interesting things I heard from Knapp was the company’s interest in streamers. The device’s ability for always-connected gameplay via wireless and 5G and camera/mic setup was made, in part, with streamers in mind. However, the exec was upfront about possible problems, like the video shaking every time the streamer moves the handheld, an issue the company is looking into. 

    Overall, the technology seems exciting if you are interested in the mobile gaming space, and it’ll be worth watching to see how Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform is used in the future.

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