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    Destiny: The Dark Below Review

    By IGN,

    Destiny: The Dark Below Review

    If someone had secretly installed Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, onto my hard drive without telling me, it would’ve taken me a while to notice. To call it an “expansion” is generous, roughly equivalent to calling a moped a motorcycle. The dearth of completely new content for the price is only half of the problem here though; the other half is how recycled and tacked on nearly every element feels.




    Let’s get this right out of the way: the new raid, Crota’s End, is the best, and perhaps only reason to purchase The Dark Below. Just as the Vault of Glass raid did for the core Destiny experience, Crota’s End introduces objective-based gameplay that’s more interesting and varied than anything else you’ll find in this add-on. It’s an infuriating peek at the excellent game Destiny could be – provided that you have five friends with level 28 characters you can round up via text message or phone (seeing as there still isn’t any raid matchmaking).


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    Source: IGN

    Street Fighter 5 PS4/PC Graphics Will Only Get Better, Producer Says

    By GameSpot,

    Unimpressed by the graphics for PlayStation 4 and PC fighting game Street Fighter V? Not to worry, as Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono says the game's visual performance is only going to get better with time.



    In this week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Ono says, via a translation by Siliconera, that the version of the game you've seen so far still "needs a lot of work." The graphics will keep getting better, he said, adding that he hopes fans think of Street Fighter V as if development has only just begun.


    You can get a better look at Street Fighter V's graphics through the video above from last weekend's Capcom Cup tournament, where we got to see a live match for the first time. It's Ryu vs. Chun Li.


    Ono also revealed new Street Fighter V gameplay details. While the new game will include most of the basic moves from past installments, there will also be new ones, he said. You'll also be able to bust through the walls of a stage to proceed to the next round.


    Street Fighter V was officially announced during Sony's PlayStation Experience community event in Las Vegas earlier this month. The game is coming exclusively to PS4 and PC, and cross-platform play between the two systems will be supported.


    Capcom has not yet set a release date for Street Fighter V.


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    Source: GameSpot

    Future GTA 5 Updates May Not Be Possible On Xbox 360/PS3, Rockstar Says

    By GameSpot,


    Although Rockstar Games is currently committed to supporting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Grand Theft Auto V, released in September 2013, there may come a point in the future when updates to the game are only technically possible for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC editions of the game.



    As part of Rockstar's latest Asked & Answered feature, a fan asked if the fact that GTA V is now available for new consoles means old-generation players will be left out in the cold. Rockstar said "certainly not," pointing to major features such as Heists and the new Christmas-themed update as examples of cross-generation support. However, like first-person mode, some future GTA V features may only be possible on the latest versions of the game, Rockstar said.


    "We are incredibly thankful to our original generation of GTA V and GTA Online players on those systems and wish to continue providing content to them for as long as we can," the developer explained. "Of course, at some point in the future, there may be a point where we reach the limits for the previous generation of consoles as there may be some updates that are only technically possible on the new hardware--but we do hope to continue delivering as many updates as we can for all four consoles for as long as possible."


    Rockstar tackled a number of other hot-item issues and topics in the Asked & Answered feature, including when we might see Red Dead Redemption 2, the status of GTA V's PC version, and why GTA Online does not support cross-platform play. You can see a roundup of responses here.


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    Source: GameSpot

    PS4 Sales Challenged In Wake of Xbox One Pricing Action, Sony Admits

    By GameSpot,


    After last week's news that the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in the US and UK during November, Sony has now spoken out to offer its side of the story. Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House told Reuters on Friday that sales conditions in November were "tougher" due to Microsoft's aggressive pricing actions, including a price drop to $350 and various value-oriented bundles.


    The Xbox One is currently available starting at $350, while the PS4 begins at $400. The $350 Xbox One pricing, a markdown of $50 that went into effect in November, is good through January 3, 2015.



    Xbox One shoppers can also pick up the Assassin's Creed Unity bundle, which comes with a system, the newest Assassin's Creed, and last year's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Meanwhile, Sony recently launched a new $400 PS4 bundle that includes a system and your choice of four games.


    House went on to say that US PS4 sales for December have been "in line" with previous estimates, though no specific numbers were provided. We'll have a better idea of who came out on top--Xbox One or PS4--for December when official sales data is announced in early January.


    Also in the interview, House said strong demand for the PS4 this holiday may make it tough to find a console Europe. "If I look at Europe I think it is potentially, for the second year running, going to be quite inventory challenged," he said, noting that you still should be able to find a console.


    He also touched on the Japanese market for PS4, saying it was "challenged" in part because gamers there are more and more playing games on smartphones rather than dedicated game consoles.


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    Source: GameSpot

    Assassin's Creed Creator Reveals AAA "Historical-Action-Survival" Game

    By GameSpot,


    The first game from Panache Digital Games, the new Canadian studio founded by Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Desilets, will be a third-person AAA "historical-action-survival" game. Desilets opened his new studio in November, but this is the first time we're hearing anything official about what it's working on.


    "Indeed AAA games, I believe in them," Desilets said in a press release obtained by Game Informer. "I believe wholeheartedly that this medium we call 'video games' can be a positive force for change in our society and that AAA quality gaming experiences have unmatched strength to achieve this."


    That's not a lot to go on, but it does gives us an overview of what Desilets has in mind.


    Desilets did not share a name for Panache's first game, nor did he confirm if he was successful in his attempts to buy back the rights to his Amsterdam-set 1666 game from Ubisoft. This game, according to Desilets, was aiming to be "the new Assassin's Creed," featuring a similar tone and scope that series.


    For more, check out Panache's website.


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    Source: GameSpot

    Watch Destiny Player Defeat Uber-Difficult Crota's End Raid All Alone

    By GameSpot,

    One expert Destiny player has taken down the game's toughest task, the new Crota's End raid, without any teammates. Watch the video above to see "sc Slayerage" impressively defeat the raid, designed to be tackled by a team of six players, all by himself.


    He writes in the video's description: "It's really no surprise. I mean, who brings a sword to a gun fight. Not a good plan Crota... not a good plan."


    Be sure to watch through to the end--or skip to the end--as the final encounter is truly a sight to behold. We won't spoil it for you, but you won't want to miss it.


    Crota's End was added to Destiny earlier this month through the game's first expansion, The Dark Below. For much more on that DLC, check out GameSpot's in-depth video below.



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    Source: GameSpot

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