Steam Client Update – June 13th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fixed recent apps section of systray menu being offset when game icons are hidden.
  • Fixed some issues with video playback not working in client browsers.
  • Fixed support browser windows not closing when close button is clicked.
  • Fixed Steam client taking window focus when windows are re-opened after a crash recovery.
  • Fixed friends & chat buttons sometimes not working when starting in Family View.
  • Fixed user persona not displaying in title bar when starting in Family View.
  • Fixed PIN entry dialog not getting input focus when unlocking Family View.
  • Made client settings visible but generally unchangeable when Family View is active.
  • Fixed chat notification sounds sometimes playing even if friends & chat was disabled in Family View.


  • Significantly improved in-game overlay responsiveness and fixed cases where the UI could feel stuck or run at 1fps on Windows. This bug previously occurred mostly when running a fully GPU bound game (ie, newer game + older GPU hardware). This bug also mostly only occurred with the Windows Hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling setting enabled.


  • Fixed beta selection dropdown for games with very long beta names.
  • Fixed app activity feed to refresh more reliably.
  • Fixed comments sometimes getting lost on achievement unlock events in the app activity feed.
  • Demos and Playtests now show featured news at the top of their app activity feed.
  • Consolidated some filters in the library filter widget.

Friends / Chat

  • Reduced network traffic on connect and reconnect.
  • Fixed friends list getting stuck on an empty invite list after acting on the last invite.
  • Fixed “Join Chat” button not working on Steam Community Groups when viewed in the Steam Client.

Steam Input

  • Update the Steam/Guide button configurations for non-Deck gamepads to match the behavior on Deck, ex: Steam+X button to open the on-screen keyboard instead of Steam + Select, etc.
  • Allow external gamepad controllers to load the same guide button configuration they would normally load on Desktop.
  • Improved Gyro To Mouse behavior when connected over bluetooth.
  • Added the -nojoy command line option to prevent Steam from enumerating controllers for users with who are experiencing crashes.
  • Added “Universal Face Button Glyphs” toggle in controller settings.
  • Added exclusion of Gyro Activation Buttons from controller configs that don’t have those buttons.
  • Fixed issue with stale bindings on Quick Settings menu when multiple controllers are plugged in.

Remote Play

  • Added a one time pairing step when streaming from a remote computer.
  • The Remote Play Together UI is always available in the Steam overlay for supported games.
  • Use ScreenCaptureKit for desktop capture on macOS 14 (Sonoma).
  • Added support for hardware video encoding on macOS 14 (Sonoma).

Big Picture Mode

  • Fixed web browsers showing blank page entries when navigating back.
  • Improve readability of the Steam/Guide button chord summary over games.
  • Fixed an issue where non-Deck controllers could get the Steam/Guide button chord summary stuck showing until the next guide button press.
  • Fixed some cases where the Guide Button/Steam button would require two presses to open the Steam menu.


  • Fixed text not rendering in some dialogs and FPS counter in-game.


  • Fixed games with file names containing spaces not exiting when forced
  • Fixed a crash when opening the overlay in some games.


  • Fix for empty Steam screen in SteamVR dashboard after launching a game.
  • Improved the layout of notifications.
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