Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Announced With Teaser Trailer

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Announced Teaser Trailer Frank West

Capcom has revealed Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, a remaster of the Xbox 360 game that first launched in 2006. Though the once previously Xbox-exclusive game has since made its way to PlayStation and PC platforms, it remains unclear which platforms this remaster is coming to. And there’s no word on when to expect the remaster either. 

Revealed with a short 47-second teaser trailer, Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster looks great, almost more like a remake than a remaster. It’s unclear if this is a remaster of the original 2006 game or the HD version of Dead Rising that launched on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC back in 2017. Regardless, we’re stoked to head back into a zombie-infested mall with journalist Frank West whenever this remaster launches. 

Check out the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster teaser trailer for yourself below

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