Breaking Down Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s Classes And Factions

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Dreadwolf Game Informer Cover Story

As part of the character creation process for Dragon Age: The Veilguard, players will have to select both a class for their player-controlled Rook and a faction. After customizing much of your Rook’s body, including things like a Qunari’s horn type and material, for example, with the hundreds of options available in Veilguard, it will be time to pick said class. 

There are three classes to choose from: Rogue, Mage, and Warrior. As the names suggest, each features a unique combat system and plays differently as a result. Though you’ll be performing things like light and heavy attacks using the same buttons, what those attacks do varies based on your class. For example, a sword-and-shield Warrior can hip-fire or aim their shield to throw it like Captain America, whereas a Mage can use that same button to throw out magical ranged attacks – read more about the combat of Veilguard in Game Informer’s exclusive feature here. Plus, as you spec out these classes and unlock their individual specializations, the differences will only grow even more stark. 

  • The Rogue has access to three specializations. The Duelist is the fastest of the three, with two blades for rapid strikes; the Saboteur uses tricks and traps; and the Veil Ranger is purely range, sniping enemies from afar with a bow.
  • The Mage can utilize necromancy with the Death Caller specialization; Evokers wield fire, ice, and lightning; and the Spellblade uses magic-infused melee attacks.
  • The Warrior can become a Reaper, which uses night blades to steal life and risk death to gain unnatural abilities; a Slayer, a simple but strong two-handed weapons expert; or the Champion, a tactical defense fighter.

While these specializations don’t matter upfront – you class into them via the skill trees you progress through the game – it’s nice to see the potential of each class before you choose it. 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Dreadwolf Game Informer Cover Story

For the penultimate step of the character creator, at least during the demo BioWare shows me, players select a faction. The Grey Wardens return, joined by other returning favorites and new additions like the Antivan Crows, the Mourn Watch, the Shadow Dragons, the pirate-themed Lords of Fortune, which is what I chose in my demo for the current Game Informer cover story, and the Veil Jumpers.

Each faction has unique casual wear, which is worn in specific cutscenes when the character isn’t donning armor, and three unique traits. The Lords of Fortune, for example, gain additional reputation with this particular faction, have increased damage versus mercenaries, and perform takedowns on enemies with slightly less effort. Veilguard game director Corinne Busche says this faction selection, which ties into your character’s backstory, determines who your Rook was before, how they met Varric, why they travel with Varric instead of their faction, and more.

“The message of The Veilguard is you’re not saving the world on your own – you need your companions, but you also need these factions, these other groups in the world,” creative director John Epler tells me. “You help them, they help you now.”

He says BioWare wanted to avoid the trope of needing to gather 200 random resources or objects before helping you save the world. Instead, the team aimed to create factions that want to help you but have realistic challenges and problems in front of them so that narratively, it makes sense why you help them in return for their help when the time comes. 

“Gameplay-wise – each of our classes has a specialization, and each of them is tied to a faction,” Epler continues. “But beyond that, each faction has a [companion] as well as [people we’re calling agents, ancillarily] who exist as the faces of these factions. We didn’t want to just say, ‘Here’s the Grey Wardens, go deal with them.’ We wanted characters within that faction who are sympathetic, who you can see and become the face of the faction, so that even if there are moments where the faction as a whole may be on the outs with you, these characters are still with you; they’ve still got your back.” 

If you find yourself unhappy with your lineage or your class, you can change them using the Mirror of Transformation, found in the main Veilguard hub, The Lighthouse. You can also change your Rook’s visual appearance there, too. 

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