Roguelike Shoot-Em-Up Star Of Providence Is The Next Bigmode Game, Out This February

Star of Providence Team D-13 Bigmode Publishing Rougelike Action Shoot-em-up

YouTuber Videogamedunkey, otherwise known as Dunkey, announced in 2022 that he started a game publishing company called Bigmode, and its first game, Animal Well, launched to critical acclaim last month. In a surprise announcement in a video Dunkey released yesterday, Bigmode revealed the next game it is publishing: Star of Providence. 

At the end of Dunkey’s E3 2024 video, he cuts to a new trailer for Star of Prodivence showcasing the pixel-art shoot-em-up with a retro soundtrack to match, and it looks awesome. The game was revealed last year, but this publishing announcement footage reveals it’s coming to Switch and PC (via Steam) in February. 

Check out the Star of Providence reveal in the video below

“Descent into the facility and seek out power eternal in this tough as hell, shoot em up masterpiece,” Bigmode’s website, which also describes the game as a bullet hell roguelike action game, reads. “Engage in pulse-pounding battles with over 120 enemies in an ever-shifting gauntlet loaded with oncoming bullets and game-changing powerups. Only the most hardcore will survive.” 

Star of Providence features more than 120 unique enemies, a vast array of weapons, upgrades, and modifiers, six playable ships (each with a different gameplay style), randomized level layouts, chaotic boss fights, and “fish,” whatever that means, according to the Bigmode website. 

Here are some additional Star of Providence screenshots


Star of Providence hits Switch and PC sometime in February of 2025. 

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