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Found 7 results

  1. Well, I love to play games online whenever I get free time. During my college days, I used to spend most of my free time playing my favorite games, especially on weekends. I could sit and play my favorite games for around 5 hours maximum at a stretch. However, these days I am unable to spare so much time due to my work and other priorities. How about you guys? how much time can you spend at a stretch on playing your favorite games?
  2. I always experienced poor internet connection here my country. I feel really irrated with this kind of situation specially when I'm playing or just browsing the net. How about you guys? Did you ever experience poor internet connection?
  3. I've watched a lot if not all movies related to gaming ever produced and by far the best in my book is Ready Player One. This movie has the most number of gaming characters I've ever seen and it gave me a good laugh. So if you haven't watched it yet then you're missing a lot.
  4. Whenever you're playing what snack to you is the most satisfying or the one you crave for most? What is your favorite Gaming Snack? My favorite is this....
  5. Have you ever dreamt that you were living the life of a gaming character inside a game? Well, I have, years ago when I was addicted to video games. I dreamt I was Zeratul haha and I'm slaying Terran Marines. If you were given a chance to live inside a game, what character would you want to be?
  6. During gaming night, what drinks do you often take with snacks? I always drink ice cold Mountain Dew whenever I'm playing.
  7. In my gaming days, I and my friends would join gaming competitions, a lot of internet cafes, shops and stations here were sponsoring gaming competitions to promote their businesses, I think we entered about 20 plus competitions and the best we could do is being a 2nd runner up and a couple of 3rd placers. We didn't win any championship but we didn't care as long as we enjoyed the game. But now there are tournaments that has as much as $100,000 and some even higher prizes for the grand winner. If we had that opportunity then maybe we've concentrated on playing better. In those days we were happy just to be awarded some shirts and free game time.

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