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  1. Armory - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... n=Nunganok Tailoring is actually 443/450
  2. A. BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Sam Age: 23 Gender: Male Tell us a little about yourself: I work at a coffee shop and live with my g/f. I play guitar and sing in various metal bands, though currently I am not in any bands. I play a lot of MW2 and smoke a lot of weed. How long have you played WoW? Since a few months after vanilla WoW was released. B. CHARACTER AND RAID INFORMATION: Character Name: Nunganok Class: Warlock Main Spec: Affliction Offspec: Destruction Post a link to your armory: (Will have link to Armory as soon as the Armory is back up) What is your raiding experience? Please include Vanilla, BC, WoTLK. Specify if you were in a leadership position: Vanilla(As a Rogue and resto Druid) - MC(Second raid lead/main assist), ZG(raid leader), BWL, AQ20, AQ40(partial). BC(As a hunter/ZA as Warlock as well) - Kara, Gruuls, ZA, SSC, TK, BT(partial). WoTLK(As a Warlock) - Some Naxx/Ulduar, VOA10/25, Ony, Sarth. I'll probably try for Holy Paladin in Cataclysm though Warlock is my favorite class of all time and will remain my main. You will need to be food buffed and flasked for every pull of every raid night. Including trash, and farm content. How do you feel about that?: Ive always had a lot of gold and buying massive amounts of consumables has never been a problem. Im used to being well overstocked on every consumable possible(for my class not yours) for raids. What are some of your goals with WoW?: I really just want to raid/pvp with awesome people in Cataclysm. Anything I do in video games I want to do it to the max and as best as possible and hope that the people I do it with are of the same mind. We don't want to recruit you just to raid with us. We are a big family, we play together a lot, and enjoy one another's company. We do not tolerate drama, in any shape or form. How does that sound to you? I've only been in two guilds since I started playing, excluding my own guild. No drama in either of them and if that can be accomplished in this guild then I am very much looking forward to playing with CL. Like I said, I dont really take offense to much as long as it's not personal. Drama is pretty hard to get out of me. Also, I smoke weed so if you guys smoke weed thats even better, and Im pretty chill - you can pretty much say anything around me and I dont care. I also have pretty thick skin and welcome constructive-criticism. C. SYSTEM INFORMATION: Do you have a microphone? Note this is required.: Yes, a very good one. Do you have any objections to speaking on vent when needed? No. Average Latency while raiding? Im not quite sure, I recently upgraded to 25mb/s cable and live in California. Average FPS in raid during a boss? 100~ at max settings. D. PROFESSIONS: What are your two professions? What level are they? Enchanting 460/460 (Yes, Im a belf Warlock.) Tailoring 433/450 E. RANDOM QUESTIONS: What guild are you currently in? Why do you want to leave that guild? I was in Bridges of Nunganok, a guild I made to raid with my friends though we only raided Naxx, Ulduar and VOA. I left because they all quit a while back and whats the point of staying in that guild? Yeah, I still use it for the gbank. Do you play actively outside of raiding? Yes, I level up various alts for professions, bank space and money purposes. PvP has always been my main love of MMO's since I started playing them but I hate arena's and PvP kind of blows right now in WoTLK. With rated BG's coming around I'll probably be very very active in that. There will be times where you will be benched. Everyone has to sit at one point or another. Will you be adult about this, and not cause a scene? I've been benched for legit reasons and for stupid reasons alike and havent had problems. As long as Im not benched every raid for a month for absolutely no reason. Where did you hear about Centric Legends? Destromath Realm Forums Why do you want to join Centric Legends? I want to test out CL because you guys smoke weed and seem pretty serious about raiding Cataclysm. Also you have a real website and not a guildlaunch site. No laziness is where I like to be. Do you smoke weed? (Hint: Yes) Oh yes...yes I do...... I would like to add that I recently came back to WoTLK, recently as in the other day. I took a break about 4 months ago to save up for a new computer and get settled into my relationship. At the time I was keeping up DPS with a friend warlock of mine that raided ICC25 12/12 and what not. Im still getting back into the hang of things so my dps is still only around 5k~ atm but hopefully will be perfected by the end of tonight/tomorrow. I have a very firm grasp on both Affliction and Destro so as to provide the bonuses of both. (Great Aff DPS and Destro DPS for fights requiring a lot of target switching).

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