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  1. Few movies that I would love to watch repetitively are Face/off, Spiderman Series, Ransom, The Transporter and Bourne Identity. It has an interesting story and adventure is exciting. It keeps me alive and well entertained. I also love to watched Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and Beast. It's nice to fall in love in this uncertain world. ( Ha. Ha. Ha )
  2. I've played Naruto ( Ultimate Ninja ) and Yugi-Oh on my younger days. I am always entertained with it's simple adventure and animation. It makes me happy. I am fond of looking at those weird cartoon characters. Good old times.
  3. I like playing offline and online games. It's nice to have interaction with different players. We get to develop our skills and ability to adopt team work. It fills more lively and entertaining to play with other players. Online game has it's best advantage than offline. However, I still like to play offline game since I can access it anytime without the need of internet connection.
  4. I haven't try purchasing nor sit on a gaming chair. I only used the regular chair and I'm comfortable sitting with it. Perhaps those chair are more comfortable and would support the back head properly. But it doesn't mean it will avoid back aches when playing at a longer period of time. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) If you find the comfort and need to purchase it. Grab one.
  5. It's better to stop playing a game that don't look interesting. It will be a waste of time. There are many games that are entertaining and surely will kill the time. Try to stick something that the mind will be challenge. A gamer knows what he wants on a certain game. Just enjoy and explore other games.
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