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  1. I mostly played Assassin's Creed 2. It really is a great game. Maybe nowadays it is an old game, but I would still love to play it again, which I am planning to. It really has a great story. I love the gameplay too.
  2. Currently, I am playing only League of Legends. I spend about 2-3 hours everyday playing this game. I play just for fun. I am not a hardcore gamer.
  3. I am playing games just to relax. I am not a hardcore gamer. My computer is weak, I usually do not invest real money in games, I don't spend too much time on gaming, maybe 2 hours a day. I play just for fun.
  4. The only online game I am currently playing is League of Legends. Matches in this game are usually not longer then 1 hour. So, when I am hungry, I can always eat after the League of Legends match finishes. I try to eat as regularly as I can.
  5. Nowadays, everybody is talking about PS4 games. But I would like to go back to the childhood. I remember the good old PS1 days, when I used to play Crash Bash everyday for hours, with friends or alone. I really loved that game, from characters to gaming. Such a great game. What is your favorite PS1 game?
  6. My first gaming console was, off course, SEGA! I have been crazy about it. Once a week, I would go to a shop with my father to buy a new SEGA game. I remember playing Super Mario, Super Double Dragon, TMNT, and other great games... I really have the most beautiful memories of my childhood thanks to SEGA. I really miss those days...
  7. For me, it is ,,Legends of the fall''. I have watched this movie many, many times. And I always want to watch it again. It brings such a powerful emotions to me... This movie has everything that one great movie needs... Lovely music, beautiful nature scenes, great storyline, really good actors and acting... The storytelling of the movie is also great... What I personally find amazing in the movie, is that connection between man and wild, in which I believe, and which I admire. I am highly recommending everyone to watch this movie!
  8. dzonyfox2


    Off course I do those things while I am playing my favourite games. I always love to fully enjoy when I am playing games, and that is only when there are some snacks and juice. Usually I turn the sound of the game off, and I listen to some music that I want to while I am playing the game.
  9. I prefer online multiplayer games. That way I can always play my favorite games with my friends. I am a competitive type of a person, so I like competitive games, like League of Legends, which I am currently playing. I almost always play ranked games, because normal games are not that much interesting to me. So for me, definitely online games.
  10. I prefer playing Minecraft on my PC. I do have Minecraft PE on my phone and I have played it for a while. I like it. It is a great game. I love playing it when I am not at home. But in my opinion, nothing can change good old Minecraft PC version. Some functionalities are missing and I prefer playing this game with a mouse and keyboard rather than mobile phone's touchscreen.

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