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  1. Me as well, all the time. I hate this poor internet connection so much ,i would never get used to it, it's actually so irritating , makes me go crazy and it never fail to make me lose my cool. Now, when you experience a poor internet connection there is is many scenarios that might occure , the connection may be too slow to search or to play but the worst of them all is when you'r downloading something and it's finally 99% then something happens and it's cancelled ! i find this a nightmare that happens a lot and it make me so sad and depressed !
  2. If i can live my life as an anime character i would definitely choose levi ackerman from attack on titan for several reasons; first things first i like the anime so much i find it amazing , also, i like levi taicho's personality , i find him strong, clever and reliable; lived a harsh life but stayed strong and kept moving forward till he became someone great and i really admire that.
  3. I'm an Otaku as well, i've been watching anime for 11 years now, i like anime so much , it became part of my daily routine ,i watch anime shows, listen to anime music and of course i read the manga. Even after graduation and starting to work life, no matter how busy i'm i always find time for anime i find it so entertaining and amusing. Right now i'm re-watching a bunch of my favorite anime episodes including: Bleach, hunter x Hunter, Death note, Attack on titan, My Hero Academia and Naruto Shippūden, as well as some new and old short anime shows.
  4. houd


    Playing games is in fact relaxing. When i play i like to bring anything i might need and put it by my side, this includes; food or snacks, water or juice and of course my mobile so that i don't need to get up to bring it later. I hate to be interrupted when i play online games it's the worst sinario, so sometimes if the game is really good i end up shutting down my mobile and closing the room's door, sometimes i even tell my family that i have a very important game to play so that nobody disturb me !

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