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  1. Just started playing Fortnite and I am really enjoying the game to be quite honest. I've been playing a lot of PUBG but this whole new style of battle royal is all new to me. Especially when it comes to building. I SUCK at building and it is something I really need to improve at. But to be honest I enjoy it even if I die like in the top 10 or 20. I am proud I have survived that far. I just need to practice building and sooner or later I'll be at the top.
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    My favorite mod to use is the high definition realistic where everything seems legit and as if it weren't a cube to cube game plus another mod would be using they Skyrim mod. I enjoy playing Skyrim plus playing Minecraft and what can you ask for if they combine both games into one? Creating and building and killing the dead is such a great experience for me and my brother.
  3. Roblox is one game that is quite similar to Minecraft but as a fan of this game I would really recommend to not play it because how I see it, Roblox is somewhat of a rip off. But if you are looking for a good game to play that is similar then you should choose Rust or Ark Survival. I know until now Rust is still a great game to play but Ark Survival I am not sure if it is still available or if it is still trending as of this moment.
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