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  1. Well, I love to play games online whenever I get free time. During my college days, I used to spend most of my free time playing my favorite games, especially on weekends. I could sit and play my favorite games for around 5 hours maximum at a stretch. However, these days I am unable to spare so much time due to my work and other priorities. How about you guys? how much time can you spend at a stretch on playing your favorite games?
  2. Well, I also love all the Marvel movies and I like to see Spiderman and Superman. I have seen all these movies when I was in school and I don't get tired of watching these movies even now. I also like the Harry Potter series and never get tired of watching them again several times. I guess the movies that you watch during your childhood and school days remain with you when you like them.
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    Well, whenever I am playing a game I am so focused on the game that I completely forget about eating or drinking anything in between. These days I get very less time to spend on games, therefore, whenever I get the time to play some of my favorite games, I completely use it to the fullest. However, I like to listen to music when I am playing any kind of games. I like to particularly listen to some kind of soft music when I play games.
  4. Well, yes sometimes I do experience this problem of having a very bad internet connection and sometimes there can be a complete failure in getting an internet connection. However, the frequency of such a problem has reduced considerably in the last couple of years. Whenever there is a bad connection then it does create a lot of inconvenience and irritation, especially when you are working on something important or even when you are playing some important game.
  5. Well, this may happen sometimes when you are new to the gaming world and perhaps it does happen with every newcomer who is very enthusiastic to have the experience of new games. One may end up purchasing games that look very good initially but after buying the game the person realizes that the game was not what he was expecting. Once you buy the game and you don't like it, there is nothing that can be done. It's always better to get feedback from other friends who already have the game and then make the final decision of buying it, otherwise, it will eventually result in wasting your money.
  6. Well, my favorite browser is also Google Chrome. It is very easy to operate and also has a reasonable speed. You can also add several extensions to your Google Chrome browsers like Grammarly and such other programmes. However, I also find the new Microsoft edge browser as good as the google chrome browser and I currently use both. Google Chrome is by far the most user-friendly browser that is available.
  7. Well, I am single currently but when it comes to playing games I have a lot of friends who have common interests and who are also single like me. Most of the times I do pair with one of my friends and we play against other teams. Many times we play in trios against our opponents and it is always fun to compete against people who you know personally rather than competing with total strangers.
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