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  1. I know for sure that we have our own preferred games when it comes to playing some games either for amusement or entertainment for our selves. For me I really prefer the online games because they are more interesting and enjoyable to play but the only problem is that it is costly to play online games since you will need to buy some data subscription to do that. What do you really want to play Online or offline games? What are your thoughts about it.
  2. Honestly I am just spending much of my time to some paid to post forum sites since these are the sites that I feel convenient to work on since I am working as a full time employee in a particular company and post to paid forum sites are one of my great source of extra income. I wish to have more earning sites but because of my situation I just stick to some forums since I am also able to earn at least 5-6 dollars a day which is not really bad anymore. It is good that I am earning some few penny out of my vacant time and I am utilizing it to have more earnings every month.
  3. I suggest to give a try on Digital Global and Postloop since these are my major forum earnings sites that gives me some money to buy things that I need and I really want. If you want to earn some extra income then it is good to try those sites that I have mentioned before since you can have a penny in your pocket. You just need to have some basic English language writing skills to start working from them. I have been earnings some money for how many times already and it is really great to be paid since it motivate us more to keep working from a particular earning site. We just need to have so
  4. My favorite online working device is the laptop because I can have the convenience of bringing it anywhere and anytime I want outdoors especially if I am into some meetings and company travels. I can do multi tasking which is really good because I can work on many sites in just a few minutes that is far from using a mobile phone in working online. I really like it so much because it gives me everything that I want in just a single package. Using a laptop was one of my favorite way of doing most of my online works because I feel convenient and earn more from using it.
  5. My favorite superhero is superman because he is just very simple and very helpful to people who are in need of help. Superman was my favorite superhero during my younger days which I was been addicted. I have even have some collectibles items in our house to show my gratitude and for giving importance to my favorite superhero in the most convenient ways.
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