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  1. The same is true with me. I like to watch DC movies. They are very exciting to watch and be entertained.
  2. I am using a google chrome browser. It has YouTube, gmail, etc. It is so easy and nice to use. It is very accessible.
  3. jeffreyjose48


    I also like to play games with snacks by my side. I also have a glass of water so as not to be dehydrated. It is really very relaxing to play online games.
  4. I use laptop. Currently this is what I am using for my online works. Our desktop was damaged by viruses long time ago. This laptop has been with us for 15 years already.
  5. Superman is my favorite hero. When I was little I would put on a towel at my back and make it like a cape of superman. I would jump from our bed and I stretch my arm and fly like him. I also watch him in cartoons and movies.
  6. That is good. You and your girlfriend are playing together. That is a nice past time and relaxation time.
  7. That is nice. You want to play with your girlfriend. The power of love will win games.
  8. jeffreyjose48


    I concentrate with what I want to do online. I don't like to eat anything while I am playing.
  9. Thanks for giving me an idea. I love to watch funny videos also.
  10. I also agree with you. Opposite attracts. Just like a magnet it does. I agree with you. Finding a partner is not that easy.
  11. That is nice. Did you find him already?
  12. That is great. Have you found her already?
  13. I love to play games but my wife do not. I love to take away stress by playing games. I feel young when I do it.

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