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  1. Marako0406


    Even if I'm busy playing I really need some snacks and drinks beside me so that I never have to get up just to get some food or drink, it looses the momentum to play the game haha
  2. My favorite would be my laptop and headphones on. I tend to listen music while working online so that I would not get bored plus it helps set you in a good mood.
  3. What I eat during games are chips and dips, like one would be Doritos with cheesy dip and sometimes Cheetos blazing hot! I really like something with cheese when it comes to snacks. I just make sure to drink lots of water.
  4. Not yet, just chat and phone interview. It's really okay to be nervous but be professional, just say your thoughts because there's no other person sees you besides the one behind the camera. Be yourself! Promote yourself in a simple way you would think that's okay with you if you are the one whose interviewing another person. Maybe practice in the mirror, It helps.
  5. In upwork, interview varies and depends on the client. Some prefer a phone interview or just chat in there. Others clients want to see you so video interview is required. It's up to you where you're comfortable with, hope you find a good one.
  6. I think I just got lucky for passing in gotranscription. Actually I really thought that I have good listening skills, I think that 's the one thing I got from having an experience in a contact center but that's ages ago haha. Every audio in gotranscript is different. You will be paid depending on the duration of the audio for example if it's 10 minutes long, you will get $2.50 sometimes higher or lower.
  7. It took most of my time transcribing audio using gotranscription site and upwork as well. there's really a lot of online jobs when I started and so far I these are the two who eats up my time at least it's worth it and it's free subscription but for gotranscript you need to take an exam to test your expertise on transcribing audios.
  8. I would say 20 hours watching Youtube videos, searching for songs and also movies to watch, chatting as well, reading articles and stuff about cryptocurrency, TV series that I need to finish til the end of one season, replying to emails and some games.
  9. My favorite browser of all time is Google Chrome Browser. I really like the minimalist design and the overall look of it. It's simple and easy to use, user-friendly and can be customizable. It's the browser I currently use across on all my devices, the synchronization and loading of web pages are fast. Personally, I really can't think of any browser to top what's Chrome has to offer. Definitely satisfied of what it can do.
  10. For me it's Ready Player One as well. It's a good one I guess and probably best one up to date. I like the futuristic approach in to it and how the story goes. The game is built by a gamer as well and revolves around his life when he was still alive. I watched it in 4D which is really amazing! I will recommend it ad probably watch it again on a big TV screen.
  11. It's really not safe to invest on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because I think that 80% of them has scammed most people. I prefer to claim in faucets and airdrop from ICO's rather than investing because most of the time they are scamming you. One should really do a thorough research before deciding on investing on cryptocurrencies even if someone knows one or two legit sites, still the rest just want to take advantage of your time and hard earned money.
  12. Mine is the Gatorade because most of the time, I play for hours skipping a meal just to finish a game so I prefer to have a drink beside me while playing even if I skipped a meal or forget to eat it's best just to hydrate yourself.
  13. I really don't own a motorcycle and definitely have no plans on getting one. I mean it's too accident prone type of vehicle for me even when you're a professional driver you can't really tell when the danger could be just right around the corner. I would rather be riding in a bicycle than in a motorcycle because because of leg exercise purposes. I would choose a car over a motorcycle and i'ts much safer sitting comfortably with you ac on.
  14. Whenever the game gets really intense and everything is going great, I really forget to eat a lot of times. But I make sure I already eaten a lot before I start playing one. Sometimes It can't be unavoidable because were too much excited and hooked up to the game itself. I know that it's not a good habit but surely everyone gets hungry when they finish a game.
  15. It's really frustrating with whatever I'm doing on the net whenever I have slow internet connection. It really annoys me when playing games just stops or keeps on lagging and your choice is to lower down graphics. I too have a slow internet connection from where I am currently living. Lucky for those who really don't experience slow connection. Hoping to be on that same place.

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