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  1. When it comes to superheroes my favorite is The Dark knight of Gotham...Batman. I read a lot of his comic books when I was growing up, from old Detective Comics to more recent Dark Knight and Batman books. I just love the way he thinks and donning his mask how he completely changes his personality. Although I prefer a more darker Batman character. Who is your favorite superhero character?
  2. Superheroes are now the trend in movies and Both DC and Marvel which are comic book companies then are now cashing in on their comic book heroes by producing superhero movies. Which in your opinion produces the best superhero movies DC or Marvel?
  3. I'm an Anime Fan and I've been watching Animes for more than a decade. At present I'm watching Baki The Grappler season 3 and Overlord. I just finished watching My Hero Academia season 2 and now I'm going to start watching season 3. What Anime series are you currently watching now?
  4. I enjoy watching funny music videos and there's this Filipino - Canadian artist Mikey Bustos which makes funny music videos also he highlights Filipino humour. Here's a link to one of his videos... https://youtu.be/zLN9k27O7zI
  5. There's this site called Content Gather which lets you post / submit your created content or articles and they'll pay you for what's it worth. There are also job postings there in which you can get a writing job and get paid. www.contentgather.com
  6. One character I like a lot is Alto Saotome of Macross: Frontier, he's the unwilling protagonist ace pilot in the series and the love interest of 2 popular and beautiful singer superstars Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee. https://youtu.be/QG8rLh8arSo
  7. Hey, I'll try that, does it have all the casino games? Does it have Blackjack and Baccarat? How much is the deposit?
  8. I'm checking an e-sport betting site, I was wondering if you've heard of 1X-BET site and if it's any good? Hey can you share the name of the site you are using? I really want to do some sport betting.
  9. I haven't played Rivals of Poker yet but I think I'll download it later and see if its any good. Are you in WSOP too?
  10. Have you played WSOP or World Series of Poker yet? It's a good platform to learn all the basics of poker and to compete in various tournaments. I've been playing poker for 10 years now and I'm no Phil Ivey but I'm an average player. Playing online poker is an exciting past time.
  11. I like playing online casino games in which I gamble some money in, I usually play Black Jack, Bacarrat and Poker. Sometimes I win a few hundreds while other times I lose some but I enjoy it, it's exciting and it relaxes me. Do you play casino games online?
  12. I want to be Saitama the One Punch Man because he's indestructible and his power is off the charts.
  13. In my online life I have used only 3 browsers IE, which is the default browser in the 90's, FireFox and Google Chrome. I think I've been using Google Chrome the longest time.
  14. I watch food review shows like Kitchen Nightmare's also I'm re-watching Macross all series and episodes that would be about several hundreds of ep's. I'm at Macross Frontier ep11/25 then I'll watch Delta. https://youtu.be/kD1LlDhItF0
  15. You're right his hacks was old school it was the norm in the late 90's and we used to get files of active CC's to use, mostly European so the usual problem was the point man to use it since were all asian. The movie showed the old school of physically using stolen CC's, CC duplication and online purchases and selling bought items. What wasnt shown is what preceded it. After buying items and selling it the next level is online encashment, transfer, investments.
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