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  1. daisy15

    Euro Truck simulator 2

    I play before that game but it's really for me, It's fun but its hard to drive it. I just play it on my android phone. Does it have it pc?
  2. daisy15


    If you have something to say or something to share you could comment here,
  3. daisy15

    Do you play Online Poker ?

    I play Rivals of Poker. It's and sometime I could have a new friend when I played it to other country player,
  4. daisy15

    Do you play Online Casino Games?

    Yes I like to play casino royale, It was fun to played and I feel I'm playing to a real casino.
  5. daisy15

    Cooling solution for Desktop

    Wow it looks really amazing I hope I could have that kind of cooling system, How much do you think it will cost?
  6. daisy15

    Memory for Gaming Computer

    how big memory You could but I'm here to ask if what is the best memory so I could play and enjoy to play my favourite video game.
  7. daisy15

    I want this for my gaming...

    For me I require to use on gaming is desktop it was really good at gaming. It was too expensive but if you have a good budget and you really enjoy playing game it was really better to you,
  8. daisy15

    Favorite Browser

    I always use google chrome. it was easy to use and It was fit to all website I've been visiting. And I use Star safari too it's like google chrome,
  9. I just watch old comedy movies down to 80's and 90's that's what I want to do in the late night until I feel sleep
  10. daisy15

    What is your favorite Gaming Drink? (Non Alcoholic)

    I like red tea I use to drink it when I start playing. Sometimes Soda or cola is okay to me too.
  11. daisy15

    Do you have a Motorcycle?

    Yes, I have at motorcycle and I can ride all kinds of motorcycle Even it was manual or automatic, I can also drive a car too.
  12. daisy15

    GTA 5

    Have you a game of GTA5 can you send the link to me so I could download it. If that's okay thank you send in or private message here,
  13. daisy15

    Girls and gaming

    It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy when you played games. For me, I'm happy for what I am doing the important is I give myself happiness by playing my favorite games

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