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  1. I wanted to be Rukawa of Slam dunk. I am a person who loves to play basketball and wanted to be the best in it. I like to be Rukawa because he is the star player of Shohoku. I wanted to be that good. I wanted to be a star like him.
  2. Google Chrome and IE is good. They are both fast and easy to use. But I think IE for Windows 10 is faster. I am not sure but I will observe it.
  3. I am a fan of Diablo before. I am a fan of RPG games so I tried this before. Graphics is okay and it is just a really fun game. There are a lot of Blizzard games that are pretty decent.
  4. Yes, I played WSOP before in Facebook. I also downloaded it on my PSP. I am really addicted before with a lot of poker games. I downloaded many poker games in my phone and my PSP.
  5. No, I don't but I am playing sports betting games. I played sports and e-sports betting games. I usually support Filipino teams. I stopped playing because I did not find it very successful to me.
  6. I think that was about 12 hours of non-stop searching. I am actually searching for a job and I did not know that I was searching for about 12 hours. I did not feel that I am hungry because I am hungry for a job.
  7. bienn05


    I am playing DOTA 2 on Steam. I think Steam is doing a great job to control hackers in the game. DOTA 2 looks like to be the very best video game in the competitive scene because it actually has no cheaters or hackers.
  8. Before I am, but now I am thinking of priorities. I build the self-discipline I wanted. I am an ambitious person so my mindset now is to work hard to reach my goals. I don't want games to affect my life in a bad way.
  9. I just wanted to post this for those who play or played Rules of Survival. I just feel sad for the game because hackers are totally destroying the game. I don't think why other people wanted to cheat. I don't know why they want to play the game without any challenges. Hackers just suck, I wished they will be banned forever in any game.
  10. I think this game is meant for kids. I think this game is very friendly. My young siblings enjoy this game so much. They even ask to buy another gadget for this game.
  11. I like to watch late night hours video on Youtube. I just want to learn more about relationships. I think it can help you when you have some questions in your mind. I find it really helpful to me.
  12. I want Gatorade when I am in a mode for gaming. It makes me hydrated for long hours. It is just the reason I don't drink in the middle of the game.
  13. My girlfriend and I play some Rules of Survival lately. We do it whenever she don't have work. That is our past time and her relaxation time.
  14. My favorite snack is anything. I can eat anything and I like everything. I just don't appreciate the taste when I am playing. I am just focused on playing.
  15. bienn05


    I don't know exactly what is the most downloaded game in Steam but I think CS:GO is there on top together with DOTA 2. PUBG is also becoming the top game in steam. I noticed there are a lot streamers who are streaming this PUBG.

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