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  1. GTA V of course. It is more popular,has equally good graphics like the game Watchdogs but the story is better in GTA as well as multiplayer.
  2. Oh I agree with you.I forgot about Harry Potter movies.They were one of my favorites as I was a kid.Thanks for remind me of them!
  3. You should have a verified PayPal account.What this means is that you need to have credit card linked to it as well as have $2 on it.PayPal will charge your card with that amount and refund you instantly.Once you do that,just link your bank account if you have a bank account and withdraw the funds.
  4. I played PUBG a lot,but the developers are ruining the game with updates that are simply really bad and not close to what they were before.PUBG is constantly losing players as the updates are getting worse.We'll see in the future what happens with the game,
  5. I never tried the game,although I have played DayZ as well as Minecraft.This game is pretty popular if I am correct.I might just try it once for fun.Is it better then DayZ?If it is,I will definitely play it then!
  6. MittensFX


    I played a lot of CS:GO.I'd probably take a chance if someone was to offer me to play as a PRO for a CS:GO team.I wouldn't mind making it a part-time job as being a PRO CS:GO player can earn u a decent amount just for spending time on practice for a popular video game.
  7. I'm not really a fan of watching movies. I watched a lot of movies before,now days I watch YouTube a lot.Movies that I can watch over are probably Home Alone and Matrix.I don't know why,but I watched these two movies a lot when I was younger and I watched them several times meaning I probably know the whole movie and what happens when.
  8. There are a lot of music genres out there.From classical music to Trap music,there's a lot of artists,groups,solo singers etc.My personal favorites are Trap,Rap,POP as well as sometimes Hip-Hop. What are your favorite types?
  9. Steam is a gaming platform on which you can buy and get free games from game developers all around the world. What do you think about the platform?Do you use it and do play games on it? Leave a comment below!
  10. MittensFX


    I listen to music as well.It relaxes me as well as food gives me more concentration when playing.Those two things help a lot gamers if you ask me.
  11. I see a lot of Dota 2 fans here. Why is it you all love Dota 2 so much.And is Dota 2 better than LoL and why?
  12. Yeah.Before the game would require you to have a really good PC just to play on low graphics.It still needs some more fixes and optimization but its better then it was before.I love the fact that the developers are still working hard on the game and show people new content and are trying to listen a bit to the community as well.
  13. Interesting post mitan143!I'm glad I remembered you about your favorite gaming streamer.I liked playing H1Z1 before the game owners changed.Once Daybreak took over,I feel like the game just went down in popularity.
  14. About 4/5 hours on the weekends.On the rest of the days,I usually barely play games because of college on online work that I do.I simply love playing on the weekends.Playing only the weekends makes me love the game I'm playing because I dosen't bore me as quick as it would if I played it everyday.
  15. It looks amazing.As much as I love the trailer,I have to say that the trailer for BF1 is still better but this looks amazing.I can't wait to buy the game when it fully releases as I don't like games that are Alpha,Beta and are in pre-release.

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