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  1. honestly I am only doing postloop portal right now, before I used to give proposal on other freelancing site like upwork, I also have tried spending time in humanatics and picoworker but it takes so much time just to be able to pay out, unlike postloop portal that you don't really have to spend so much time posting in every furoms available, yes the pay out maybe quite small at least it can be continuous unlike other site.
  2. yes I actually have. I guess it's about 3-4 years ago well visit it at your own risk it's not actually a safe area specially for someone who just want to look around. you can see all kinds of stuff you are looking for. I don't recommend that if your really want to visit this you should be outside your own connection for your own safety.
  3. yup also some survey really is not for everybody some survey can be answer, well I like earning in posting on forums for postloop portal, it's much easier and faster to earn than other site which I tried. I also gave up on trying for bitcoin faucet they do pay out but it takes a lot of time just to earn enough to be able to payout. unlike in postloop if you are patient enough you can earn fast.
  4. hacker the movie is also a good movie, you can also learn a few stuff on that movie, but do it at your own risk, most tricks used by alex is old school, I doubt that you can still do those trick now a days.
  5. I guess my late night youtube videos would be Japanese pranks, batsu game Japanese, try not to laugh, Japanese anime songs, reaction videos or short clip movies. Sometimes I always watch national geographic or anything that I could learn something.
  6. I don't really have a favorite browser, because I often use every available browser I have when I am logging on with different accounts, although I guess the browser that I often use would be google chrome. I guess it is muscle memory that every time I often a PC the first thing I will open is google chrome in every PC I have used, if there is no google chrome then the first thing I will for is firefox then IE.
  7. it's not really that I stopped eating, but basically skipped eating some games are really more important than eating specially when a lot of people is counting on you, well it really is not a life and death situation but more of a reputation situation.
  8. hahahah me too, I kinda suck on sneaking parts with low chances of having a all out gun fight in a game. I guess I just really suck being patient and doing things slowly. I guess other games that I hated would be mafia boss, pet society and farm ville, I mean if your really want to have a beautiful farm make you own, look for an actual pet. and what do you achieve in following some orders you don't actually know who is giving.
  9. pamz

    Girls and gaming

    hahha totally true, that time most arcade's games are for boys like hoops, shooting games racing, pacman, and Donkey Kong. although I remember seeing a few really really you girls those days, and not really 12 and up girls unlike today that, you wouldn't even thought that they are gamers, not unless you see them actually playing.
  10. I also have this one too.. I think may games with this one are game of tanks, the ping pong ones and tetris, but there are a lot more handheld consoles like this with already built in games in the actual handheld.
  11. pamz


    recently, I only download and get games for free,. but before I used to go to computer store and buy an actual cd game, because some CD games have codes that can be used for the game for upgrades and other stuffs,
  12. pamz

    Single or not?

    well me and my girlfriend likes competitive gaming special when we are head to head like tekken and racing games, but she also likes games like world of Warcraft, and league of legend although she is not really a good gamer, I guess still on the basics on learning how things work in playing a online game.
  13. tanks~! battle city, this is so good back in the days, how nostalgic to see this again. I used to play with this on my nintendo entertainment system, this is a little bit hard but with practice, this is manageable. I used to play this with my friends, the goal is to kill the other tanks or kill the base of the enemy.
  14. pamz

    Girls and gaming

    yup that is true, when I started playing console games, never have I ever heard, seen, spoke to some girl that is playing a console game. back when playstation started slowly girls are getting into gaming, I guess the first game liked to played by girls back then was dance dance revolution. well fighting games weren't really attracting girl those day, but today girls can something be better than boys in some games.
  15. yup I have played this game, before it was release the game the gives me a good scare was resident evil then this game came along, at first you really want to kill as many zombies as you can because you are kinda scared with what they will do to you, but with practice I started not to be scared of them.

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