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  1. My favorite Superhero is the God of thunder, the king of Asgard, Thor. I really like Thor. I watched and read all the movies and comic versions of the Marvel Superhero. And also, I love Chris Hemsworth.
  2. Annejk18


    I just came back from school. I fell so exhausting. This is my last year already. I'll be graduating soon.
  3. I've been using Chrome Browser since then. I also used Firefox but my favorite is Chrome. I find it easy to use and convenient. I like how it is constructed.
  4. What really is Deep web? I haven't heard about that, just now. What's in there for other users to be afraid of? Is it some sort of illegal transactions?
  5. No, I don't play casino games yet. But I'm playing Chinese Poker. It's quite addicting and time consuming as well.
  6. Yes, try it again. That site was better than Postloop, in ky opinion. Just take your time with the first 10 post. Make it sensible.
  7. I want to be Gyro. He is a male lead in an Anime comic book I read. It's not famous one but I really like his character. He is so bold but soft inside. He is strong and intelligent. I wish to be like him.
  8. I spend most of my time in my blog site. This days I'm quite lost of something to write. I keep on reveiwing my old articles to gain some motivations in writing again but still nothing. By the way, I linked my blog to Google Adsense to monetize it. I usually post an article about reviews and travel destinations.
  9. I spent 10 hours approximately in surfing the net. This hour is consume by doing online jobs, video editing for my channel, reading articles, downloading songs and Kdramas.
  10. My first registration has been also rejected. Then, I registered again with different email. This I really post a long comments. Every post has 3-4 paragraphs. After that I was verified the next day. Inspite of long paragraphs I only received 3.7 rating. But it is still good because in every post I made my credit is 2.
  11. I watch BTS funny fan edit videos and also Run BTS episodes which are all funny. It keeps me awake at late night. They are so funny dorks.
  12. Same in posting your first ten post in postloop. It should be 5-6 sentences or longer. And the content must be related to the topic.
  13. I use laptop and tablet for my online activities. For me, I prefer working of wider screen. I use my phone for messaging only.
  14. Yes, what are you saying is true. We charge us a good bill but we receive poor connection. I wish someday they can improve it.
  15. In South korea the internet is hella fast. I never experienced slow connection there even you're not in Seoul. But here in my second country connection really sucks.
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