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  1. Jasonn

    Memory for Gaming Computer

    What do you all like? What is the minimum you need? Do you think a regular PC will satisfy the minimum - or do you need a gaming computer? Also, what brands of computers will satisfy your need?
  2. Jasonn


    Anyone considered it? Do you think you'd have a chance? Please tell us your stories. Anyway, myself, I'm not much into gaming - aside from Mario, so that's out of the question. However, gaming might be a good skill to learn - just in case!
  3. Jasonn

    Cheat Guides

    They remove the fun out of gaming I think. Nonetheless, on those levels that cannot be beaten even by Einstein, they are a must. So where do you get your cheat guides? I know the big spots are IGN and YouTube. Also, when would you use cheat guides? Do you like them?
  4. Jasonn

    Console or PC for you?

    I like consoles cause that's what I'm used to. However, though, PC gaming could grow on me, but as of now, the PC is only for the net and 3D art creation. Anyway, I used to use PCs for gaming quite a bit, but it was back in the early 90s - when that's all PCs were good for, LOL.

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