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  1. Anyone try it? Myself, despite being a decent to good drummer, found parts difficult. I mean, you have to play very fast. Anyway, it's possible, though.
  2. I can't say what was most satisfying. However, I can say that now, being an adult, it's just too boring! Well, at least the first one is, but Super Mario III (The name it has now.) isn't. Anyway, can you all play the first Mario or has it become too little of a challenge?
  3. I love sports games! Besides Mario and that type, they are my favorite! Anyway, I like American football, soccer, hockey and baseball the most. Anyone like those?
  4. Females like gaming as much as guys. However, they like different stuff. It's stuff like Farmville, SIMS, and Mario Kart. http://www.mademan.com/mm/top-10-best-video-games-girls.html Anyway, those aren't bad games from a guy's POV I think. In fact, I like SIMS types stuff (I'm into computer 3D art) and Mario Kart.
  5. What are the pros and cons? Has anyone tried it? How long did it take? What did it cost?
  6. Well, wouldn't this stuff go in reverse? What about guys teased about playing the piano? OK, well, would there be shaming of guys who prefer Mario to shooter games? I think a lot of girls like the stuff, but not as many some people would like. It's because girls usually don't like guns as much, like guys don't like soap operas as much.
  7. Jasonn


    Does anyone feel pro-gaming is silly? I mean, back in the day, baseball players were mocked as men playing a boy's game. Well, anyway, I certainly don't agree - but I have some prejudice against adults who game - all the time.
  8. Usually a used place will have good sports ones for that price. However, mind you, they will be from a few or more years back. Anyway, what kind of cheap used games do you like to buy - if any? Myself, I will grab the sports ones like Madden Football.
  9. Would that be insulting to residents there? Anyway, the city, at least back in 2010, looked like a good set for one - and/or some post-nuclear one. So has anyone seen photos of the city? Well, they are trying to build it back I think.
  10. I like this Apple Word War II game from before 1995. It was an aircraft carrier one. Anyway, it's kind of silly I can't remember the name, but it was so long ago. Anyone know it?
  11. I prefer the PC for little games like chess or poker machine types. Well, when I mean little, I'm saying I don't think they require the same memory capability as other ones. Anyway, my computer has normally been low on memory so those kind of games are all that it can handle.
  12. I don't have one and am utterly terrible at riding one! I guess, though, I could learn with practice, but I'm not much drawn toward them. However, I do like bicycle riding quite a bit - though I prefer jogging. Anyway, motorcycling could be a good skill to learn - simply for gas savings I think.
  13. It depends on the crime and the real remorse for the crime - and, not to sound cheesy, but everybody makes mistakes! Anyway, why would this reward be too soft compared to other ones? But I might buy into the idea that war games aren't suitable for violent prisoners or for that matter, any of them. That's a fair enough assessment.
  14. Any idea of the radiation effects? Also, of course, limited physical activity is no good. Anyway, though, what person really spends all time on a computer with only a sleep break? I think it needs to be broken up with some times of vigorous exercise and other things too. Can we say maybe 5 hours in front of the computer or console?
  15. I think it should be a reward for good behavior. Anyway, though, I don't they should be limited to kid games. The main reason is because I don't think there is a real link between gaming and violence. Does anyone think there is?

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