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  1. If I'm going to watch random videos on YouTube or what ever available, I always end up watching animals. LOL. Like the wild animals, like how to live in the wild, how they survive, and how they kill another animals.
  2. Yeah, that's right, that's why I customized my computer and place the monitor near my bed, and I bought Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so I'm able to do my stuffs even I'm laying on my bed.
  3. LOL, that's right, and somehow it's good also for those people who loyal to desktop, I know the desktop maker will do something for that, to give this accessible gadgets a better competition.
  4. I think that kind of people are trying to establish their status in life by buying new gadgets, and show the people that they can afford to buy new and latest one. My desktop and phone are enough for me.
  5. Yeah, you're right. If I feel the depression and I think I'm running in circles again, I used to watch this motivational speech. The one hour of watching this, I realize that I'm not alone. Motivational videos are enough for me to understand my situation.
  6. I think some people are just using gadgets right now because it's popular and new, they don't want to left behind about the new technology, but in just few months, I'm sure they will go back to basic by using the computer, and realize that instead of buying new gadgets, they should just upgrade their computer.
  7. I spend more time in upwork right now, trying to learn and to know about their site and how to apply and get a client, but honestly, I'm still not getting any work from that site.
  8. I don't usually watch YouTube in the morning, most of the time just before sleep. I really love to watch some documentaries before sleep, specially the documentaries from NatGeo and discovery channel, the old the better. I really like to watch about the ancient documentaries.
  9. Well, I love using my desktop. I'm comfortable using this and don't have a problem about the battery. It's fast and feels like I'm also working in a office at the corner of my room. Although I'm just have limited online earning sites, I'm also feel like professional while doing that job using my desktop.
  10. I think Kurama of Ghost fighter or well known Dennis in Filipino dubbed. I really like his character, the mysterious and know how to play mind games. He knows he's powerful but he doesn't show it. He doesn't give his opinion but if you ask him he knows what to answer. It's really hard to read his character.
  11. I'm using this Google chrome all the time to browse the internet and check my mails and social media accounts. Honestly, I think this is the best browser right now. The Mozilla Firefox is already down, and not useful anymore like the Internet Explorer. But in terms of downloading, I like the UC browser. It's very fast and safe, I used to use this UC browser to download big files like movies and some documentary films.
  12. It's normal in our country. having poor internet connection is part of our normal life in the Philippines. Specially during rainy days. This bad weather condition affect my internet connection, can't do even a simple browsing. Telco company here are really sucks.
  13. ion

    Single or not?

    Find a partner with a common interests is the better things to do, if you want her to join in your team. However, apposite attracts right? I think being a gamer and with a partner without interests on games, she will get easily bored and think you're immature.
  14. It's hard to play games if you're hungry, its hard to focus and you will have headache, your eyes will also suffer., but you can't eat specially if the game is already intense.
  15. Ah, really? Alright, I will try that, I will find some legit survey sites and try to earn from them. hopefully to start next month I already register to Global test market, thanks for the info.

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