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  1. This one is a classic anime to games rendition, my kids love playing this game and i'm familiar with it because i used to watch it's episodes on T.V.. I love the fact that it's a kid friendly game. I think it also improves strategy and decision making provided that you control the gaming time. Have you tried this game?
  2. I have an experience playing it on arcade centers with my kids, they love this game and i'm a guitar player so it somehow coincide. Although i haven't played it regularly i still think it's a good game and helps improve reflexes.
  3. It cost around $50 for a set. It's not that cheap but i think its a good way to keep your PC maintained and in controlled temperature.
  4. It would be boring if it could be more easier. I love games that is progressive, the higher level you are the harder it gets. This way, your gaming skills will improve along with your level.
  5. Warcraft for me, it's still an enjoyable game to this date. Also if i remember it right it's the first of its kind back then that's why lots of players are hooked in to it.
  6. I like YUGI-OH on steam, its a classic game turned 3D. I love the interface and how the players interact with the game. Its a good way to have fun specially with my kids.
  7. That's actually the main reason, bringing my games with me all the time. The hardware specification is basically what attracts me...but the price na.... I'm having second thoughts because of the price, but the specification is really good i could play almost every game with that specs. I really need to have more options in choosing. Thanks for your comments.
  8. I agree, the management of steam is really great specially how they offer their games. Frankly there are games that is very affordable and worth it. But if you don't want to purchase any games you still can go for their free ones which has the same security and safety benefits for your account.
  9. My kids play minecraft and they are very good at it, in terms of design and creating. Lately they seemed to have channeled in a platform called Roblox. Its an interactive platform where they can choose from a list of games. The graphics and the games available is similar to minecraft the only difference is there are lots of categories to choose from.
  10. My kids are in to a platform called Roblox, it's an interactive platforms where kids can interact each other and have their own ways of playing the game. It similar to steam where you can have games that you can join and start playing anytime. My kids are having fun playing this game and i am monitoring their activities. I have some thoughts on the communication side where kids can have chats and talk to each other. I wonder if all the players are all kids? Also do you think that the platform is kids friendly?
  11. Building your own desktop really needs planning, one thing i recommend is go high specifications on mother board. Basically the mother board is the one connecting all the hardware of the system. In order to make your system last in terms of compatibility you should purchase a more advance mother board so that you can change integrated hardware for a long time before your motherboard goes obsolete.
  12. Speaking of old, i used to see my older sister playing this game and i always watched her until she get tired. I was so curious back then that i always took it and tried it out eventually i got caught because i broke it. Well i didn't have the time to explore but definitely my first handheld game.
  13. Has anyone of you tried the liquid cooling system for your desktop? I'm planning to do a DIY installation on my desktop because i have problem on heating and performance. Do you mind telling me how much it cost? Thanks in advance...
  14. I'm just a normal gamer that just want to have fun. Although there are times that i play long hours but its basically intermittent. I just a go have fun guy with great enthusiasm with games.
  15. I have been using steam and i think the platform is really managed well. The system's security is quite good. Also the games are really well picked and also managed. Although there are some fees, i think its a good way to make the games more competitive.
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