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  1. Just curious. Are these available worldwide? Do you have any experience or have been paid with this? I would love to have some extra cash, but most sites are very inconsistent.
  2. I have never been a hardcore gamer. Sure I play games here and there, but I usually play at home which kind of matters because when you have friends around, most likely you'll be playing for 8 hours straight. But when I'm at home I can just quit whenever I feel like it. I also get quickly disappointed on some games so I don't usually stay that long.
  3. I don't remember much about the game really, but I loved most about it was traveling to other 'dimensions'. The one when Mario steps onto the 'tubes (the green ones)' and gets transported to some darker setting. I thought back then that that was really cool. Looking back, I don't think it was the game that I really loved. It was being able to hangout with my friends and fighting over the controller. It was one of the good days.
  4. I think all kinds of work have their individual risks, and I think we must be aware of that before diving into that sort of career. If gaming is their passion and career of choice then I don't think this should be stopping them. After all, maintaining a healthy lifestyle around this career is not that difficult, I think. If they are responsible and conscious enough about their health, then those risks are easy to handle.
  5. No and I don't exactly plan on owning one. If I could invest my money in a vehicle, I would go with something that has four wheels and a roof. It is so much more comfortable riding a car and, in my opinion, much cooler. Literally and figuratively. Anyway, I'm not being a pessimist or anything, but accidents are very common these days and I have a higher chance of survival if I'm in a car. An acquaintance of mine just passed away because of a vehicular accident and he was driving a motorcycle. I also have a cousin who passed away in relatively the same way. So that's a no for motorcycles.
  6. J53772

    Katy Perry hype

    I love Katy Perry. I just like how she's doing her thing without thinking about what everybody else is doing. She has some originality and her music is amazing. I'm not exactly very updated. So I don't know her latest songs but I remembered loving her album Prism. That one was really good, I think it was her best one out there as I loved every track. Maybe she did deserve the hype.
  7. J53772

    My cat

    I'm a cat lover, obviously and I have to say your cat is kind of like the fierce ones. She does not look like a playful one to me. More like the tiger/lion kind if you know what I mean. I have lots of cats right now but none of them is pure white. I wish I could have one with that color.
  8. Because it's entertaining. After all, don't we simply want to be happy? I love the feeling of playing games because it feels like I live in another world, in my own universe, in my own bubble. It keeps away all unnecessary thoughts like deadlines and everyone else's expectations. Gaming also helps me find a lot of friends online and almost always, they seem to be more approachable than my personal friends. Maybe this is because we only interact behind the screens but that's okay. They make gaming a lot more fun.
  9. I used to really really love the Sims freeplay. I love its concept of having realistic people living realistic lives and just seeing how someone grows from a child to an old person. But I quit playing it not because I lost interest and all that. It's just this game takes a lot of space in my device. It keeps on updating, thus, taking a lot more additional space. My device started to lag and it became annoying because of that.

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