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  1. Does it really need to format my HDD in order to change it into a 64 Bit?
  2. Julz98

    GTA 5

    I think you need to upgrade your 4 GB memory because 4 GB is not enough for GTA V. Atleast 8 GB memory. By the way, What is the processor of your laptop?
  3. The kind of music that I listen most is the POP music and the Glitch-hop. I really enjoy listening to a POP music because it affects my emotion and feels everytime I listen to it. But Glitch-hop makes me energize because of the electronic music it has. I usually listen to it when I'm playing a games.
  4. GTA V or Watch Dogs? Both games are amazing and enjoyable to play, but which of it do you think is the best?
  5. Julz98


    Yeah, I used Steam to play and buy games and I really like the platform. We can buy expensive games into a cheap price when it becomes sale which pretty good to save money and buy many different games. Your account and files also in steam are safe and nothing to worry about.
  6. There's a lot way of earning an extra income online like doing a post, answering a survey, playing games, writing or become a freelancer. Above all, I suggest you to try Postloop which is legit and really paying.
  7. Julz98

    Easy or hard

    For me, playing games online is quite easy for me to understand the game because I start playing and using a computer at the age of 8 which I used my father's PC. My father teaches me about using a computer at the early age and I'm happy about it.
  8. I agree that BATTLEFIELD 1 is still the best trailer of all BATTLEFIELD trailers. I still amazed about the BATTLEFIELD 1 game, that's why I hope BATTLEFIELD V will surpass it.
  9. Yeah, BATTLEFIELD V is a unique FPS shooter game. Also, BATTLEFIELD V added a new playable character which is a female character and I think the player can customize the character which is best.
  10. I love PUBG because of its amazing graphics, gameplay, and definitely the huge map of the game. Actually, I haven't played Fortnite and H1Z1 yet but I really know about them because they are popular too.
  11. I play games like DOTA 2 in 6-8 hours a day but depends on the situation because I really like to play games that help me reduce stress and have a fun with my friends. But actually, I play mostly alone in my home.
  12. Why other people hate BATTLEFIELD V? I still really like BATTLEFIELD V and I still wait for it even many people say bad about that this game.
  13. Wow, I can't believe you can still play games till 8-10 am. You're strong and I think this makes you enjoy your life and reduce your stress in work just like me I play games to reduce my stress.
  14. Yeah, playing and bonding with friends till 5 AM is best and fun experience in our life. I experienced that too, but that was before, now I don't do it again playing till the morning without sleep because someone told me that it is bad to our health.
  15. For me, DOTA is one of my favorite game and the game which I have logged for the most hours since I was a kid. I play DOTA 1 with my friends which is popular in my place and after the release of DOTA 2, we manage to play DOTA 2 most of the time now.

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