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  1. I work part time as a freelancer. There are few freelance websites that I have time to work on but the most important one where I spend most of my time in is called Postloop.
  2. At the moment, I'm more of a fan of online gaming. Currently, I'm addicted to playing one particular online football manager game called Top Eleven Football Manager.
  3. When we were still dating, my wife as my girlfriend then used to play games with me but now she seems to have lost interest in game playing. Now, I play with my kids most times when I'm free at home.
  4. I would go with Marvel movies production. There are so many great movies by the company such as ; Avengers Avengers Infinity wars Luke Cage Iron Fist Daredevil
  5. It's the portability of laptops that led to designing of smartphone devices to be smaller in order to make it a lot more easier for users to move about with their gadgets. The only distinct difference between smartphone and laptop is that smartphone are limited by sites that are not mobile friendly.
  6. Currently, I'm considering the possibility of purchasing wireless computer keyboard, so as to enhance my freedom of movement when I'm working at home with my computer device.
  7. It's actually true what you just mentioned about desktop computer having more speed when it comes to processing tasks. This is actually why most gamers are more likely to choose desktop computers over any other kind of device because it makes gaming more fun.
  8. The truth is that desktop computers are actually very good when it comes to being used for online business. It have the memory, processing capacity, power etc. The only problem with desktop computers is that they are fixed in one place and not mobile.
  9. Something bizarre is going on the Russia 2018 world cup that is going on at the moment, with most countries finding it difficult to score more goals in the tournament. Most matches end in 1-0, 2-0, 1-1, it's only few matches that we saw 3-0, 3-1 and 3-3. Why are goals hard to score in this Russia 2018 world cup?
  10. Well, if they feel like spending and spraying their money around, I don't have any problem with it at all. At least, they are helping the companies producing and selling those gadgets to grow.
  11. Well, I would judge my hours spent online on the phase of a day which is 24 hours. The longest that I have been online in a day would be approximately 19 hours. I literally didn't do any other meaningful thing that very day because I was introduced into a new game before I started working online.
  12. You are absolutely correct with that assertion, most people are just gadgets freak. They simply cannot stop buying once there is a new brand in the market. They would use it till another new one is produced and they dump the old one for another new one. I have a friend who behaves that way and he doesn't seem to be stopping it anytime soon.
  13. I don't doubt your conviction about using desktop computer over laptop or android devices. The orthodox gadgets users are always more comfortable dealing with the orthodox computer system.
  14. It's true what you just mentioned about how big the screen of laptop is as compared to mobile devices. It's only some Android tablets that might come close to having the size of the screen of laptops.
  15. It's good to hear that you are making very good use of your laptop for all your outdoor online business. Some people do have these devices but cannot fully utilize it and monetize using such tools.
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