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    I just listen to music or watch some tv series that I like. Sometimes I just browse some videos from youtube like tutorials or something that entertains me. Sometimes I am just using my phone to see some news feeds in facebook or just play games in my phone.
  2. I am single but I am hoping that my future partner will join me or accompany me with my interests like playing games, hobbies like drawing and playing guitar. If there would be some travel plan then he will be my photographer and in reverse. How fun is that when you have that kind of partner.
  3. Okay dear! Yeah I agree with you that being nervous is just a normal for each and everyone of us. By the way thank you for giving me a tip and advice. I really appreciate it. I will do your advice to practice in the mirror. Thanks a lot @Marako0406
  4. Have you experience video interview? Actually I don't have yet experience video interviews so I wanted to know how does it feel being interviewed in skype. I easily get nervous so I am just afraid I can't answer their questions directly infront of the video haha.
  5. Ow I see. That would be a good experience for you which will help you in the future. I'll just try my best to pass the test hehe, wish me goodluck. By the way, thank you so much for answering my questions.
  6. Is it difficult to pass the test in gotranscription? How much you earn there? I am planning also to work online about transcription but I don't have much idea about those kind of work. In upwork do you really have to get interview if you will apply for transcribing?.
  7. What did you do with the comments? Is it exactly the same as Postloop? for example you have to choose 3 subjects on each chosen thread? They also have rules that you should also have a picture on your avatar profile. Maybe it was of the reason why I got rejected in Forum Wheel. I also made another account but I still have to work on it again first.
  8. Ahh okay so its the same as Postloop. If so in one thread you should have also three subjects to comment to ?
  9. Oh I see. Actually I already signed up in Forum Wheel but the first account where in I already finish the test (10 comments), they suddenly rejected me. It got me confused with their rules. So I created another account for that site but I still being stuck as I am afraid that they will gonna reject me again. Can someone explain it clearly so that I'll gonna have chance to pass their test?.
  10. Is beer money the same as Postloop? How about Forum Wheel? Which of these is better and can pay you good?
  11. From what country are you? I think its available in some countries in Asia. I am from Philippines so if your from Philippines then its applicable for you.
  12. The truth is I hate playing Dota, LoL anything that are exactly the same as DOTA except StarCraft and battle Realms. I just get bored when I cannot really zoom in and out my characters. I like games that are the same as Sims and arcade games like Tekken.
  13. I love this 4 characters including Jin Kazama. I remember me and my 2 brothers used to play tekken 3 before when we were still kids. We always used Hwoarang playing the arcade. We used his kick technique that the opponent can't fight back anymore as he continues to fight by kicking it continuously. I also love Mokujn as he can copy others characteristics. I love how Azuka, I just love her character being a cool girl,
  14. I have tried to play this one but I can't continue it. My friend said to me that I must continue it but it seems that its very impossible to do. I just stuck in one place because I was so afraid that zombies might chase my character faster than my character's run.
  15. Before guitar hero, I used to play O2 Jam in computer and at that time, I got addicted to that kind of game.s. My brother bought some guitar controller for Guitar Hero. I must say it was very fun as if you are playing guitar in real life.

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