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  1. In terms of their cinematic universes, MCU is way better compared to DC's, it's just more fleshed out and the universe and how the character's stories are connected are well done, and every movie is also good. Still, some DC movies based on the comics were also good, it's just the more recent movies Marvel has done so much better compared to DC.
  2. Batman is also my favorite growing up, since he's very relatable despite him being a billionaire, and although I didn't read comics growing up, Batman: The Animated Series was my favorite cartoon to watch and it really was a great piece of television, and the Nolan trilogy of Batman movies helped also has solidified him as my favorite.
  3. Upwork is still the most reliable site for me in terms of freelancing and the number of available jobs which I get accepted in.
  4. Foundflix is indeed a great channel for content regarding horror films, and I watch his explanations sometimes, although it's not the type of content I would watch late at night, lol. Chris Stuckmann is one reviewer which more or less have the same opinions as me when I watch a film, so I've come to trust his reviews when they come out in deciding what I should watch.
  5. I only play poker online (PokerStars), in fact it's the only casino game I really play since I personally think it's gambling that takes skill, and it gives you a chance to fold before the betting begins so you can have minimal losses if you play it right. It's way more enjoyable playing in an actual table rather than online, though.
  6. Yeah, I kind of started late in getting into watching movies (only really started watching a lot of movies when I was around 24), so I missed a lot of the really good movies, so after watching a bunch of movies and being disappointed in wasting my time with some of them, I just started watching movie reviews before going to the theaters so that I'll be informed first before spending money and time. It's also my way of keeping up with the older movie classics which I have missed.
  7. Yeah, some songs can be really difficult since you are paying on arbitrary tunes, unlike actual drums where you know what each component of the drum set sounds like. It's still fun to just scramble in trying to hit all the beats though, haha.
  8. Definitely, when there is an unfair advantage over some players and the game devs aren't doing anything sufficient to combat these, then it really hurts the overall aspect of competition on the game and takes away the fun aspect. I guess people just really want to win.
  9. Wow, 56 hours is a really long time on the net. I get bored quickly after 2 hours of continuous surfing, although if you consider watching on Netflix as part of being online, then I guess I've spent around 22 hours straight of online surfing, including gaming, Netflix, Reddit, Facebook, E-mailing, and Youtube.
  10. It's marketed for kids, but it's playable by older people, especially teens, who may have a negative influence on younger kids playing the game. From what I heard though, there are parental controls that you can set up for children under 12 that make the environment much better compared to other online games for kids.
  11. I want to be Ash from Pokemon (or Red or whatever the character's name is in the various games lol) and just live in a world where Pokemon are real and you can just travel the world and catch Pokemon.
  12. Ready Player One is a nice movie with many references to various games and good visuals, but my personal favorite movie about anything related to gaming is Wreck-it Ralph.
  13. I watch movie reviews and discussions about the latest films, so that I can be updated on which films are worth watching by the next day.
  14. Yeah, that's one of the reasons I prefer using a laptop since I can work pretty much anywhere especially with my schedule of having to move back and forth from one place to another.
  15. I prefer laptop (with a mouse) when working online, as I can navigate easier and do multiple things at a time through different tabs compared to a tablet or a phone. I also don't usually work on stuff that requires the processing power of a desktop PC, and it's more convenient to work anywhere with the laptop.

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