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    I don't often use mods, but I like Miner's Advantage for when I just want to have fun and not worry about the fussy stuff.
  2. Supposedly it might be a nod at Fortnite, but surely the treasure chests will do something. It's good that the new map is tighter because it used to take too long to find someone to engage in combat.
  3. I'm not able to help you with recommendations Binge because I prefer gaming on a console. Do you mind sharing the name of your gaming keyboard? I don't want to make the same mistake of buying it and I often give presents like that for holidays and other special occasions.
  4. I'm running Update Aquatic Phase One on Microsoft One and it's pretty cool. The dolphins and sea pickles are my favorite additions so far, but I'm sure that will change as I play around with it. What do you all like most about the update? Has anyone here tried the game on a Mixed Reality device?
  5. Which modern setting are you hoping to see, kingcool52? I'm most interested to see which game modes are included in Battlefield V. I've read mixed reports about whether the game will have a battle royale mode or not, but I hope that it does. Having a zombie mode like Call of Duty doesn't matter as much to me though.
  6. Thanks for replying, kingcool52! Here's what I can't figure out - can you just jump into the game at any point as a newbie, or is it too difficult this late in the game? I've also read that you can play it on mobile, but not sure which device would have enough power to keep it going. Have you tried the mobile game or do you stick with your console only? The dancing thing seems fun, but I'm surprised players aren't ambushed that way. If the point of the game is survival, I'd hideout at the camera locations and pick other players off one by one.
  7. One of the toughest games I've played has been The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. I've always thought that Link had a rougher odyssey than other Nintendo characters like Mario, Kirby, and Donkey Kong, and this version was no different. What makes it tough is that there are few directions given and you basically learn by trial and error for quite some time. And there are endless combinations, so what you think is the answer, might be dumb luck and you'll learn later in the game that your reasoning was incorrect so the formula can't be applied the same way. It's the o
  8. Oh, well hey, thanks a bunch for letting me know!! I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if prices fall; right now they are still more expensive than I'd hoped. Then again, maybe I need to accept that the days of cheap GPUs are never coming back.
  9. I'm new to Fortnite, but it looks incredibly fun and I'm dying to try it. Gameplay looks like it's part warrior and part Hollywood with a steep learning curve. Is anyone here planning to dance in the next Battle Pass?
  10. Have you priced those lately? I'm not a World of Warcraft player, but most of us gamers have the same problem when it comes to upgrading GPUs. What used to be pretty affordable has skyrocketed since cryptominers are driving up the price.
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