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  1. I used to like Minecraft, it was funny to explore all the Minecraft world, build things... But it became boring to me.
  2. Thanks, I'll give a try to these games. I like more games with a focus on pvp.
  3. I use a regular PC with 4gb of memory and it satisfies my needs. I don't play too much, I just play Counter-Strike, but depending on the game, maybe I would need more memory and a better CPU.
  4. I have no chance today because I don't spend so much time playing games, but I think I could be good to compete if I played for a long time every day.
  5. I think the problem is with you, bad or good is relative. It's clear to me that this game is not the kind of game your friend likes, just accept this. Try to find another game that both of you like without force yourselves to like it.
  6. I prefer to play in consoles, but I've not so much experience playing on PC. There was maybe 5 games I played on PC in my life.
  7. Playing a game is very fun to me, and I can do it with my friends. The games can even make you smarter. So I like to play games to have fun with my friends, compete, and challenge my mind.
  8. I used BlueStacks years ago. It allows you to use your mobile apps on your computer, and that's it. So you can play your games on your computer, for example, what can be much better, and manage social media like Instagram is very helpful.
  9. Well, I used to play last year, but now I have "no time" to play and Minecraft became boring to me too. I needed to stop because it has been bad to me, as my performance in college was being harmed.
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