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  1. I did manage to get tickets in 2010 and it was a great experience, even though it wasn't a big announcement year. I hear you about not liking crowds, but being around so many people who are all into the same things was really cool. The costumes were awesome! If you ever have the chance to go, I would recommend it.
  2. @Simon_or_Kable, you can definitely get started now, but I would suggest looking for a guide that has tips for beginners. You won't find any direction once you're dropped, so arm yourself with education prior to going in. I don't play on iOS, but from what I understand, you can sync your progress if you have an Epic Games account.
  3. Did anyone here manage to get tickets to BlizzCon this year? They went fast, as usual, and according to Blizzard, all they have left are tickets to a pre-BlizzCon dinner and tournaments for the opening week. I've been looking at the virtual tickets, but I wonder if that would frustrate me and make me wish I was there.
  4. Seriously! I expect to have an insane amount of time invested in the games I play. When I first started playing WoW, it was like a second job to me, albeit a lot more fun than actual work. Haha! The instant gratification generation needs to understand what it's like to really put in the time and frustration to reap the rewards.
  5. According to VentureBeat, it's going to be WWII related and there will be a battle royale mode, although maybe not right out of the gate. I'm not sure what to expect as far as a release date, but I do know a lot of people (myself included) have their sights set on the 23rd, so something had better happen then!
  6. I haven't played it yet, but I've heard that some people feel very emotional at the end. Did you feel that way, @Binge? The reviews are simply amazing and after reading a bunch of them, I can see it's no wonder it won the BAFTA best game award. Big kudos to Giant Sparrow! The only thing I dislike is how quickly everyone is getting through it.
  7. I was already out of college by the time Minecraft came out (yes, I'm old!), but my nephew was into it, so I used to play with him. I don't know if it was his enthusiasm or what, but I really enjoyed it for a while. I even kept playing for about a year after my nephew lost interest, but then I eventually stopped. I still think it's a great concept; I just need more of a challenge at this point.
  8. I keep trying to walk away from this game, but after 13 years, I'm still hooked on it. I think I'm drawn to it because it was my first MMORPG. It's almost like giving it up would be like going through a bad breakup. Does anyone here play FFXI? Or do you have another game that you stick with because of nostalgia?

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