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  1. I've played Dota since the beginning days of Dota 1 and there's still one giant thing in it that I'll never understand why: Invoker. I know Invoker is the Dota poster boy and since the people that play Invoker basically only play Invoker and will cry if he gets nerfed, bu this hero is unreal to play against in pubs. I don't know who thought it was a good idea in the first place to make a hero who has an innate 'orb' effect that boosts his damage, regen, attack and movespeed. And they aren't even counted towards one of his ten spells.
  2. BlueStacks App Player is a versatile program that bridges the gap between mobile and desktop by allowing users to run their favorite Android apps on their Windows or mac OS desktops. Users can sign in with their Google account in order to access the Play store, and sync app data where supported. What do you think guys?
  3. God of War has a lot of stuff in it, and some of that stuff isn’t strictly necessary if you just want to see the story. However, all of it is very good.
  4. I would say it's a pretty safe bet. It's one of those games where if it looks enjoyable, then odds are that you'll enjoy it. Honestly, a lot of the people who give it negative reviews are just upset by how difficult it turned out to be (or how RNG based it is). The steam reviews love to act like this game is impossible to win.
  5. Offline Puzzle Games BADLAND – Adventure. Crashlands – Adventure. Cats GO: Offline – Adventure. Minecraft Pocket Edition – Adventure. Limbo – Adventure. Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Strategy. XCOM Enemy Within – Strategy. Yodo1 Games – Collection of various Genres. Have you heard about Crossy Road and Rodeo Stampede games?
  6. According to me, Naruto is far better than Dragon Ball Z. The reason is: Naruto has a better character portrayal than DBZ. Also, the fighting scenes are also well - planned and every character has a great story behind them. Unlike in DBZ, when Goku turns to Super Saiyan, the reason is not properly explained.
  7. Have anyone used the below to download games and can you confirm if these are safe and legit? [REMOVED LINK - EASED] [REMOVED LINK - EASED] Would appreciate some comments and suggestion where to download games, I've burned my self with kickass/piratebay and had to format my drive one too many times. My PC now are full of viruses, please I need help to find legit websites or safest websites.
  8. Hello everyone! I think about: There is no OddWorld multiplayer! I know, there is the odysee multiplayer, but i want to play with more humans or play with my friends. There is no way to play more than two persons? Thanks for helping.

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