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  1. I played older versions of Guitar Hero back then. I want to play it now on PS4, however, I don't have the guitar hardware to play with it. I am still into rhythm games and I just bought Cytus 2 on my iPad whenever I have the itch to play these types of games.
  2. I guess if you want a game to be easier, you should opt for pay to win games. RPGs, in general, are not that hard. You just have to learn how the system works and you'll play by the game's rules to make your character stronger.
  3. Hello, Centric Legends members! I am thinking of buying a gaming chair. I noticed that there are many gaming chair products that are being sold in malls and online stores. Many people like YouTubers and Streamers are also using these when they upload their videos. I am going to replace my old computer chair which is a traditional one. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  4. I haven't tried this game because it is advertised as an online game and won't include a single player campaign. When looking for games to play, I always look for single player story-oriented games. I might as well just play CS:GO or PUBG if I want to play online.
  5. Even though this game is meant for kids, a portion of the gamers is adults. You can check streamers on both Twitch and YouTube and you'll see that there are also adults that play this game. It could harm the experience of children if they are verbally abused by older gamers in the game servers.
  6. What I do not like is they are pushing for a Battle Royale mode. They don't want to get left behind by the games that are focused on it. They don't even have a Battle Royale mode before and neither did their fans asked for it.
  7. Cheaters are really toxic for any game. Rules of Survival like PUBG is hard to win the chicken dinner. What more if there are cheaters in your match. I guess if the developers won't fix it, you can't do anything else but stick with the game.
  8. When you're playing on PC, you'll mostly be using Steam to buy and play games. Although I mostly play Dota 2 there which is free. What I love about Steam is that they offer sales on different events throughout the year.
  9. It's not a movie but it's a TV Show. Mr. Robot is my top pick when it comes to a show about hacking. It's the most realistic show if you compare it to how hackers really work. I graduated and work in IT and my friends and colleagues consider it one of the best IT and hacking movie/tv show.
  10. I guess Anti-Mage would be considered one of the most powerful heroes in both Dota 1 and 2. But I think any hero that is considered a hard carry is very powerful late game. The thing is they need farm a lot and that will take time and a lot of skill.
  11. I played both Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. It is very fun to play with friends. There are also modes to play as a zombie and this is fun if there are lots of friends to play with you.
  12. I prefer Grand Theft Auto V. I've been a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series since the GTA 3 days. I've only played Watch Dogs one and I haven't finished it yet because the controls on PS4 isn't that great. I don't know why but that game feels clunky to me on the console. Maybe I'll give it a go on PC.
  13. Hello, Centric Legends members! There are lots of Let's Play YouTube channels now. Sometimes I don't buy my games or there are games that are story oriented and I would rather watch someone else play the game and just watch it for the story. Which of these YouTubers do you think are the best ones to watch? The most famous one is Pewdiepie but he isn't uploading game walkthroughs nowadays. Can you suggest other Youtube channels to watch? Thanks!
  14. My first handheld game console was Nintendo's Gameboy Color. The first game that I played in that console was Pokemon Yellow. I managed to progress halfway through the game even though the text is in Japanese and I can't understand any of it.
  15. I hate stealth games. I also don't like segments of action games that require you to stealth your way to complete the mission. I just want to barge my way in and kill the bad guys with the guns blazing approach instead of stealthily creeping through the walls to avoid being spotted by enemies.

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