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  1. I stay up lake whenever i find a game that's so interesting. Its my only me time.
  2. Trish23


    Yes i do thpse things. Those are necessary. Eating, resting etc. I like to feel relaxed whenever i play games.
  3. Trish23

    Easy or hard

    Some games are also easy for the first time. It depends actually on ones perspective.
  4. Trish23

    Easy or hard

    It was hard starting any online game for the first time because you need to get used and study the game. Until you master the sides of the games and get ease in winning
  5. Yes its true that is why i like this character. It doesnt let me down. Specially when the game involves money
  6. I focus more on usertesting because it pays me a fix rate of 10$ for every 20 minute video of awebsite i feature. I just need to give my opinion on the good and bad sides of the site and that's it. I get my 10 via paypal. I often have 2 or more sites to review in a day.
  7. I haven't tried writing novels on the internet but i've written some on notes. My theme is always love story. I Only let my family read my novels. They like it a lot but i really don't feel the urge of sharing it to anybody except my family.
  8. I like razor. He is for support and carry. He is a flexible character.
  9. I love playing games because its super relaxing. It takes me away from the stress of the real world even for a while.
  10. I prefer buying my games. I like the graphics more if its paid. Not to mention the unlimited access to any account. Premium accounts for example. Its more convenient and hassle free.
  11. Trish23

    My cat

    You have a cute cat. Good for you to have a furry companion. Great stress reliever.
  12. Mystery are my things. I like solving mysteries it exercises my brain
  13. I stopped playing because i grew up. Ihad more and more responsibilities resulting in less time in playing. I have more important things to do now and that doesnt include playing games.
  14. I also like naruto. I like his sense of humor. He doesnt look into a problem that deep. He just lets it pass.
  15. I like sakura. I want to have healing abilities too. To help those in need.

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