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  1. Wow. It is very nice to know that there are still a lot of people remember O2Jam. Well, no doubt because it became really popular before. You know, every time I remember this game it feels great to bring back my childhood memories because I can still feel how happy and contented of me playing it together with my friends.
  2. My boyfriend and I have been for almost 5 years already and it is a good thing that we are both a fan of video games so we could consider ourselves a couple gamer. But we play different games. He used to play RAN online and DOTA for many years and I used to play minecraft, CS, and other PC online games but now I'm a mobile games player because there are some good mobile games already that really suits to my type of game, especially that those are MOBA type of games. Though sometimes my boyfriend and I play together but not in a serious game.
  3. Exactly. The internet connection in our country really sucks. It really ruins the excitement and the enjoyment to play Mobile Legends. Also, it destroys your strategy in game because you can't do exactly the plan the way you want it and it is because the game lags so much. Sometimes, Mobile Legends players in the Philippines tend to forcefully crashed their gadgets due to massive and uncontrollable anger caused by serious bad connection of internet.
  4. The only sports game that I played in PC is the online multiplayer casual golf simulation game called PangYa way back few years ago. This game has been popular during its time before along with Counter Strike, GTA, Ran Online, Ragnarok, M.U., Warcraft, etc. I find the game really interesting and very exciting to play as well.
  5. Wow. This is actually one of my favorites along with Super Mario during its time of popularity before. Battle city is such a thrilling and very exciting game. Though I couldn't remember how it should be played or the mechanics but I could still feel and remember how I feel when I was playing this game before. I got really addicted to this tank game before, seriously. It actually makes me want to play it again today, though I know that it wouldn't be as exciting as it was before.
  6. I spent 2-3 hours of non-stop playing but for mobile games only. I usually consumed that long time playing MOBA type of games in mobile phones. You know, there are some trending games nowadays like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, etc. and I really enjoyed my time playing those games. Sometimes, I'm upset because I lost stars in rank games but it's okay not all the time we win so I just thought to get better luck next time instead.
  7. Mentioning about H1Z1, I suddenly remember my favorite game live streamer who fond of playing H1Z1. I can see in his live stream that he's really enjoying the game and in fact there are times that he and his team just trolling the game and I can't stop laughing on their acts. H1Z1 isn't that too different from the other two. I like H1Z1 too, because it also includes zombies which makes it more thrilling and challenging. I'd like to play H1Z1, fortnite and pubg based on my mood. At least eSports gamers out there will have a varieties of games to play and you can enjoy any games and it depends o
  8. Who are here still remember this music game called O2Jam? I'm one of its avid player during its popular time way back few years ago. I can still remember one music title that I usually play and it is no other than Fly Magpie. Who still remember this? I never tired on watching it on YouTube and it has always brought back my childhood memories playing this video game 10 years ago or even more than that. If you have tried this game before too, can you share one of those? I'm also wondering now what happened to my O2jam account and the only information that I can still remember is my password. Too
  9. That's right. My favorite is Final Fantasy 7's soundtrack too, it is the best season of the game as well for me. Anyway, I've been listening to some popular video game soundtracks today especially my favorite game now and I also enjoy listening to some video game music like We Are Electric. Even though it is not a soundtrack but it is created originally for gaming only and that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it as well as the other gaming songs. In fact, I admire one person who loves creating a video game music and he posted his work in his YouTube channel and he already earned thousand
  10. I like playing games because it really get my interest and my attention especially if the game is really good and addicting that I couldn't stop playing it unless it surpasses my satisfaction already. But I think most players and gamers love to play video games because they enjoy the game so much. Sometimes, the fame and great skills they obtained motivates them more to play game over and over. In fact, video gaming is one of the addicting habit nowadays and no one could deny it.
  11. When we talk about hardcore gaming, it includes many factors such as time allocation, resources, gaming set-up, dedication, etc. So are you a gamer who can play all day long or 8-10 hours a day (not necessarily straight time), who will spend big amount of money just to boost his character or for some items or whatever it is, who is also fond of setting up his gaming computer at high-end as possible for better gaming experience, and who will give more effort to become one of the strongest gamer, also who competes to a lot of tournament out there. Or are you a gamer that only plays to just
  12. RAN ONLINE is one of the most popular game before, though there are still a lot of players who play this game until now but I've noticed that it is not that popular like its time before. So I'm really interested who among you play this game until now. I'm also amazed how my boyfriend become too loyal to RAN ONLINE even though there are new good games nowadays. But he also play other games as well such as DOTA2 and Counter Strike. The only difference to his RAN is he purchased some items and did other transactions on RAN, while on the other games not. And how do you think of this game, too?
  13. Who among you fond of streaming your gaming habit live, whether it is via Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or to any platform? I've noticed nowadays that some players are fond or used to stream their game play live. In fact, I've known one gamer that he streams his game play for no reason. He said he had no intention to gain thousands of viewers, but now he is already popular as game streamer. He became popular day by day because a lot of viewers are amazed with his gaming skills, especially that his favorite hero to play is one of the most difficult one to handle and to use. He is not only famous f
  14. Does anyone here also play Clash of Queens or Clash of Kings? It is a real-time strategy-based mobile game created by ELEX. Before I moved to MOBA type of games which is a worldwide trend for gaming nowadays, I used to play Clash of Queens and Clash of Kings. This game is very interesting and exciting for me. You need to make a lot of high-level troops or soldiers and you also need to upgrade your castle in order for you to match up with the high-level castle which can easily bully your castle if it is still in low level. But the sad thing on it is, if you did not purchase some resources for t
  15. Super Mario was the first video game that I played when I was a kid and it was very memorable to me now every time I got to remember my days playing Super Mario with my siblings back then. For me, I was really excited to get those mushrooms. I always feel sad whenever I failed to get it on time. That was the best part for me playing the legendary video Super Mario. I also like those secret dimensions, and the those secret passages for short cut. Super Mario is kind of super addicting way back during its popularity.
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