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    I prefer resting after a hard day's work. The only thing I do while using the computer is drink lots of water. It helps keep me hydrated and avoid sitting too long. I have to visit the comfort room more often. I find it helpful since I'm able to step away from the computer.
  2. I prefer the Marvel movies. It's because they have better stories and characters. You can really see the epic cast come together during Avengers movies. We're more likely to root for these characters. Especially, since we're shown their tragic past.
  3. This is probably one of the best things about Youtube. We get to connect with inspirational people and hear their message. We learn stuff we usually won't know because of this platform.
  4. That's funny. Sometimes I do that too. Though, admittedly, I've done this more while watching TV. I guess it's just fascinating to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. And it doesn't hurt that the documentaries are filmed in HD.
  5. I actually prefer watching movie reactions and reviews than the movies themselves. There's not a lot of great films nowadays. So I find it better to watch summaries and reviews of new releases.
  6. I've seen him too. He does seem very outspoken. I guess I prefer Foundflix for the simplicity in the way he explains stuff. He also has that geeky yet charming humor that totally fits his personality. I enjoy watching his videos.
  7. One movie reviewer I can suggest is Foundflix. He's great at reviewing TV shows and Horror movies. His content mostly focuses on scary stuff. Many people actually prefer watching his reactions than watching the movies themselves.
  8. I know. I find it helpful to answer surveys during free time. They eventually accumulate points until you can request for cash withdrawal.
  9. Same here. I feel like there's a whole community for that. I'm glad we're enjoying this type of content. Let's keep watching more reviews.
  10. I don't have a specific kind of video to watch. Though, I generally watch movie trailers and reviews. I find it exciting since there's so much to see. Also, I get to understand elements of the story that I didn't know while watching the movie.
  11. That's nice. I hope you keep earning from trusted sites. They give value for those who are patient and persistent with using their service.
  12. That's true. You need patience for stuff like this. That's why surveys can't be rushed. You can get screened out if you don't give proper answers.
  13. I don't really get addicted. But I do end up playing for a long period just to practice my game play. It's not easy to get better at certain games. You really have to keep practicing until you're familiar with how it's done.
  14. Yes, it's like this thing you do on a regular basis. It's easy once you get used to it. Though, answering surveys does take time.
  15. Chaos knight is a bit of a tricky character. He's not easy to pull off. You need to be aware of the right item combination and how to use his skills effectively. Once you do, he's really hard to beat one on one.

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