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  1. eBay is the world of entertainment too. I just browse the website and bookmark some things to buy later on. You can also try the same. Bookmark some things that you may add to you buying list. There are many small and big things that you may keep buying. Some plants, pots and some plant fertilisers are also good and easily shipped from eBay.
  2. puregrace

    Snakes way

    I saw a baby snake, maybe newly born in the temple nearby. It was cobra because it stood up like it when I saw it. It actually came along with the garbage when I was cleaning the temple.
  3. I saw cockroach on the bed and jumped off! I had sprain due to ankle bending. For many days I had to put it in hot water and keep it warm for recovery. Generally, I am too much afraid of the cockroaches because of their colour and their thin legs.
  4. I naturally love to play games because they take me into a new world of enjoyment. Just sitting and thinking about life doesn't work. So, games are there where we can spend some time thinking about some different world. Since childhood I had been playing both outdoor and indoor games, but, now, I hardly get any time to do that. However, the importance is still there. So, why do you love to play games?
  5. I have learnt that concentration, focusing and self-control makes one a winner. Self-control helps in control a lot of things and hence it becomes easier to win. Keeping oneself from the fear of failures and distractions while playing the games, make one stronger. The more stronger is the more chances of winning the game. Why won't you win? You would definitely be a winner.
  6. That sounds interesting. You mean to say that you earned 0.01 btc almost daily if it is 0.03 btc in 3 days? Or it is 0.03 dollars? Can you specify? If it is that good, then, maybe I can also try.
  7. Not all games should be easier according to my understanding. Some games should be tough for the smart players because after years of playing, one loves to have tough games for excelling further. Thus, I find WoW as a game that is for smart players and is suitable for those who love challenges while playing games.
  8. Terraria is the best next game to minecraft and I remember it playing since my childhood along with minecraft. It is similar concept but different environment. I never used to like the fighter planes and guns in the games. So, I always choose minecraft and Terraria for playing games.
  9. I have Yamaha X1 and inspite of being a woman, I ride it without fear of falling down. The reason for the same is that I think that motorcycle is the best ride we can have when we want to travel on tough roads and for long drives. Moreover, it consumes less fuel and I can drive it on any road and on broken roads too. I generally love to travel like a tourist and I also love to stop at some beautiful scenes. Then my bike gives me a lot of support while travelling.
  10. I have been trying a couple of website recently and found them all tough to make even $1 daily. Still I kept on searching and found some apps that can be installed on android for earning something monthly. I installed the electroneum app where we can mine the ETN coin, but they have not yet released the coins earned. Then I have also installed the "lit" app that mines the Mithril coin for you when you post selfies in the app. You can sell these coins in the exchange and earn some bitcoins from it.
  11. I am currently mining Electroneum on my mobile, but they are not paying. I am looking for some mining options or some other ways of making coins, so that I can sell them in the exchanges to earn bitcoins. Are you guys earning any such crypto coins from any programs, social media, apps or anything else?
  12. puregrace

    My cat

    I am not a cat lover, but your cat is white in colour and looks pretty. I think she is surprised with the camera shot and that's why her look is so innocent. I used to have a cat and I was very friendly with her. Gradually, I started detachment with pets and lost her. She used to come and sit near me but used to dirt in the room as well. Cats are pretty friendly and if I have a beautiful cat like you, then I would love to have her for lifetime.
  13. Minecraft is the easiest video game I have ever played since my childhood. It has been that famous and has many versions coming up since then. I have been playing this game since hours and hours because I used to win somewhere in it. As a college student I have enjoyed it and wining to different levels also boosts your enthusiasm. Somewhere we go on wining it and that helps us in our studies also building our confidence.
  14. I like to play the game because I feel like a star in it. I decide the choices and actions to be done and that makes the story. Due to this, I can make it as much real as I want and play as if it is all a real life game. It sounds very easy to understand and play the game and hence we are automatically directed to get the sandbox game in.
  15. My favourite is the Modern Redstone Mansion, it looks like a real mansion where one would love to stay in complete comfort. I wish I had a house like that! The mansion with a lot of security system, elegance, staircases, wonderful bridges, beautiful ceiling and decorative items too. It is the perfect mansion where one can imagine entering and playing the minecraft with bravery and sophistication.
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