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  1. I played Fornite in the last few months, out of curiosity and because it's free-to-play. For me, Fornite systems force players into combat quickly rather than building up the tension that makes Battle Royale games so enthralling. And the gunplay feels imprecise, which can lead to prolonged, scrambling firefights.
  2. Cheating is not a new thing. A lot of games have cheaters. I know this is not easy to fight, but I hope that the developers succeed in eliminating cheaters on RoS. I hate to see a great game with great potential to be destroyed by a bunch of hackers and cheaters.
  3. No, I don’t play Poker but it is one of the most popular card games that's why it attracts people of any age, nationality, gender etc. That is why I would like to try this sometime.
  4. Yeah. I've tried once or twice because of curiosity and other stuff. They say that technically speaking there is nothing harm in accessing Deep Web, but things got nasty when you start dealing with Dark Web, where you should be ready for an appointment with law enforcement agencies unless you are using specific tools designed to access them.
  5. I played Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team. A portable spin-off of the "Budokai Tenkaichi" series of fighting games based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, Tenkaichi Tag Team lets up to four players participate in 2-on-2 tag-team battles.
  6. I would like to be Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo because I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes and other detectives like "L" from Death Note. Also, I would love to have all of Shinichi's detective skills so I can solve all the unclosed and unsolved cases in our country.
  7. Absolutely! It's the kind of movie you need to see over and over again. A sci-fi film with a heart, it revolves around true love, friendship, and loyalty. And my favorite line in the movie is SHO: "Ninjas don't hug!"
  8. Mine was 18 hours I think. Watching videos and playing games. The Internet and games played on the Internet can become very addictive and are often designed to be addictive. With how addictive games can be and how much entertainment is on the Internet, it is easy to spend a lot of time on the Internet without doing anything productive.
  9. Most of the time I usually watch inspirational and motivational videos on Youtube. I believe that there are videos that energize us, inspire us, and motivate us to do great things.
  10. I think the only serious drawback which may be a deal-breaker for us is the poor battery life most probably caused by the absence of the NVIDIA Optimus feature. And for $2,000, I will definitely go for PC.
  11. I usually eat before playing video games because I don't what to be disturbed by feeling hungry when I am in the middle of the action.
  12. For me, Chrome, not just because it is one of the most popular web browsers out there today but it has a multitude of extensions and apps to make using it even easier along with features that truly make it seamless. And Chrome also has a simple and clean user interface.
  13. I agree. Mobile devices such as laptops and tablets can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Key features include immediate access to data and more flexible ways of doing business. It is often possible to carry out the same tasks that you would in an office while on the move, as many mobile devices operate the same software as office PCs.
  14. My favorite snacks while playing are Doritos and French Fries. An easy finger food, this potato-and-salt combo is probably one of the tastier choices on this particular menu. Pair with a bit of ketchup and enjoy!
  15. When it comes to online gaming, Internet connection is the key. I also experience poor and bad connection while playing online games but for me, the most important thing to remember though, is to be patient. Lag and connection issues are sometimes unavoidable, be it problems with console Network, peak gaming hours, or just random glitches. Whatever the case, staying calm and being persistent with these problems can eventually lead to an epic game.
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