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  1. This is a great suggestion. I hope that finding a partner would be that easy but I guess not.
  2. Can someone here suggest more? I am just currently working in postloop but I need more to earn some income. Thank you. I hope that this will be notice.
  3. When I woke up till I go to sleep. I don't have anything to do.
  4. I see. I think my curiosity about visiting deep web should be remove. I dont want to risk my life tho.
  5. The Chinese Movie entitled Love O2O for me was the best hacking I ever watch. I love how they hack the system.
  6. I am watching to get savage in Mobile Legends. It was really hard tho.
  7. Looks great and awesome. I will watch this later. Thanks for the information.
  8. No, I haven't I am really afraid of that site. Maybe I couldn't bear what's inside it.
  9. As for me, I prefer Google Chrome Browser. It was fast and easy to use and the features are great. I don't like using Mozilla, it was slow to load even though the internet connection is fast.
  10. Of course, laptop. Aside from being handy and work wherever you are it was also comfortable to use it. It has a large screen and fast as I needed to unlike working in phone. It was really hard to rotate the screen and zoom in and out. So I really prefer laptop.
  11. Water. I don't just feel drinking soda it feels like I am still thirsty.
  12. Well, I love eating fries while playing games but it was really hard to eat since it was too oily. I eat it when the game ends.
  13. I agree with you. Philippines' internet connection is really poor and weak. The cost is far on what we paid for to their service. I really don't get it.
  14. Of course, my first handed game was Nitendo: Super Mario. I really do enjoyed it.
  15. I agree with you. Most especially in ranked game where you really need to win to earn a good credit and for the sake of the rank but I suggest to play ranked games after eating so you don't have to skip eating. Health matter first.

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