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  1. Superman2727

    Favorite online working device

    I prefer more desktop because of its speed and I guess desktops can satisfy your expectations especially when you are working online.
  2. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    Are you already registered on Globaltestmarket? If yes, good luck for your surveys and hope you receive enough surveys to answer!
  3. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    Sure thing. I will gonna try it again and I'll update if I pass for the 2nd one.
  4. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    Yeah and its really worth the wait actually since I don't do anything just do answer survey and they give me extra money with that easy.
  5. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    I agree but it is more better than doing nothing. At this day, I redeemed a 570 points on globaltestmarket since they give 100 points for 1 survey and that takes only for about 18-20 minutes.
  6. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    I don't have any idea that I can register again on their site even if I am rejected at first. I just need to use another email right? Maybe I will try it later.
  7. Superman2727

    What to you is the best Gaming Movie?

    I'm not familiar with this one but now, I'm interested with it. I would surely watch this later since it is a gaming movie! It looks cool and I'm so excited to watch it.
  8. Superman2727

    Favorite Browser

    Google Chrome is still the best browser for me since I've used it for years and I can really tell that they keep improving the performance that is Google Chrome giving. The security at its best and the extensions are good also.
  9. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    I have same experience with @nekonieden because I am also rejected on forum wheel and I don't know why, I also review their rules before I comment on each thread but unfortunately, I'm still rejected.
  10. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    At least we are earning money by doing some of the things we are enjoying. It's worth it because you are not just working for money, you can do it as part of your hobby.
  11. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    Is anyone here knows how to rate in postloop? Thanks!
  12. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    Yeah and that's the good thing about it. I love how they give extra income for us that is unable to earn some extra money. It is also worth to register and work online even if the income is not the same as personal job but close enough.
  13. Superman2727

    Poor Internet Connection

    You're not the only one who experiencing that. Its frustrating to have a really bad connection especially when you are a gamer. Most of us need a better connection in order to play nice. That's why I really hate slow internet connections!
  14. Superman2727

    Online Earning Sites

    Oops, sorry for that. I'll just edit it anyway. Yes, It's nice to know that they give people a lot of online opportunities to earn especially for those people that is unable to work.
  15. Superman2727

    What gaming character would you like to be?

    I want to be Kratos of God of War. I truly inspired by his motivation and willingness to fight. I'm just comparing myself to him since I always want to pursue when there is a problem and I want to solve it quickly.

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