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  1. It has to be Skyrim. There was just something about that game that was too difficult for me and it also meant that I could not enjoy it as much as other people were. I am usually pretty good at games, I'm good at sports games, shooters, racing games but I never could get the hang of Skryim. It's not that I found anything in particular difficult but more that I just couldn't understand the game and I really struggled to move around and find the various points to start quests!
  2. Yeah, I've been playing Fortnite since the Battle Royale game mode arrived on console. I am absolutely loving it and have been addicted to the game ever since the launch. I went ahead and purchased the Save the World game mode as well but haven't been addicted to it as much as I have been with the Battle Royale mode. I have bought every single Season Pass so far and have managed to finish every single one as well. I am currently rocking the John Wick skin with the Black Knight backbling. Loving the 50v50 mode they have on right now as well.
  3. So one of the biggest and best features about the Battlefield series, especially in the multiplayer mode is the destructible buildings situated all around the map. I think Battlefield 4 did this quest well, I can't remember the name of the exact map but it had a massive skyscraper which would fall down near the end of the round. It was a beautiful sight and anyone unlucky enough to still be on the top and not have jumped off, would have died instantly. Do you like this feature? And do you go around destroying buildings (especially in Battlefield 1)?
  4. It's a mix of the two really. Some people are just better at games because of things like hand-eye coordination, reaction times etc. and then others just play games long enough to become good at the game. If you want to improve your gaming experience and become a better player then the best thing to do is to keep playing the game that you want to become better at. You could also watch various videos on YouTube to learn various different techniques and tips from these gaming professionals as well.
  5. Well, it's like any other reward sites, you can complete various different surveys for them or complete offers. What I tend to do is to just do surveys for Your Surveys since I rarely get disqualified from their surveys and they usually have enough surveys per day for me to get around $5 per day or even more on some days. You will get screened out from some surveys, I do as well but if you are being screened out from all surveys, it's most likely because they just aren't looking for respondents that match your demographics. What country are you from if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Sorry, even after reading your post twice, I can't seem to work out what game that your friend has got and that you are playing. However, whatever game it is, if they do hate it, it won't be too easy for you to convince them that the game is good. The only thing you can do is to play with him (if there is a multiplayer aspect to the game) and show him a good time. Some of my best gaming experiences have been playing online with friends so if you can do this with him, maybe he will change his mind and start to love the game because he had some good memories on it.
  7. Terraria is probably one of the closest games to Minecraft whilst still being different enough to be an exciting game to play. The main idea of the game is almost the same, you have to dig, fight, explore and build in the world to survive or gain a fortune. The biggest difference between the game and Minecraft is that Terraria is side on so it's like one of those classic platform games where you can only move left, right and jump. It's got some excellent reviews from gaming sites and gamers so it must be good. You can check it out and buy it on Steam here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/Terraria/
  8. So I just read an article about an easter egg in the Battlefield 1 game which suggests that we may get some information about the next Battlefield on the 23rd of May. Even if we do not, it's not silly to think that the next Battlefield is already being developed and close to being finished but when can we expect a release? And do you think the game will return to a modern setting or try to set it around World War Two to continue on from Battlefield 1? I would love to get another modern setting, to be honest. I would probably stay away if it was a WW2 setting since it wouldn't be too different from the current Battlefield.
  9. It would have to be Battlefield 4. I can't say anything about the previous Battlefield titles before that because 4 was actually the first Battlefield title that I played and I absolutely loved it. I have also played Battlefield 1, which I enjoyed quite a bit but got bored after a while because of the lack of content. There's just something about a World War One setting that isn't exciting or interesting enough to keep playing after a long time. I'm a huge fan of modern shooters so it's no surprise that I loved Battlefield 4. The story was good, the graphics were great and the multiplayer was fun!
  10. There are quite a lot of sites out there where you can earn money online. Which ones you want to join will depend on what you are looking for exactly. In terms of earnings, are you looking for some quick online money making sites or a way to make a lot of money (one where you could potentially do full time and quit your day job)? If you are looking for some quick money makers, check out my blog where I review various different GPT sites and survey sites. Ones that I would highly recommend are PrizeRebel and Swagbucks, both sites can help make you around $100-200 per month for a few minutes work per day.

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