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  1. wallet


    Well, I am trying to be active here but I see there are only a few users who still post in this forum, I wonder what is happening?
  2. I watch YouTube videos most of the time not only in the morning, my favorite videos are the funny one because it makes me laugh and change my mood for the day!
  3. I am using a tutoring site where I answer questions and I help students mostly or anyone who has anything to ask, I spend around six hours a day on this site.
  4. My favorite browser is Mozzila where I use Bing search engine. l like Mozzila because it is fast and easy to use, I am using bing because each time when I search for something on the Internet I receive an accurate answer.
  5. Did anyone had log in problems in Minecraft? I cannot log in, and I play from my PC, not my cell phone. I don't know what to do, who should I contact to resolve my issue?
  6. Actually, this is not a problem faced by me, I have a good Internet provider, is called RCS/RDS, in my opinion, is the best and cheaper Internet provider.
  7. Are any couple here who play games together? I have seen on some games that there are the married couple who play in multiplayer, my wife is not a fan of video games, in fact, she is playing only small games from Facebook but she doesn't want to play in my team the games I am playing.
  8. wallet


    I don't use stores to go and buy a CD game, I prefer to download a game online for money or free, I think is a waste of time to go to a store and buy a CD game. What do you think about this? Do you buy CD games or most of your games are downloaded?
  9. I have played this game in the past but I am not playing it anymore, I got addicted to CS: GO.
  10. I have built a village with threes houses and a farm, this is my biggest creation in Minecraft. I have also built a volcano but I could not create a hot lava. What is your biggest creation in Minecraft?
  11. My favorite video game is Counter Strikeglobal Offensive, I play this game almost every day for a few hours and is difficult for me to stop playing it.
  12. It happened to me to play a game for more hours without to eat or drink anything, I usually realize after a few hours that I have not eaten anything the whole day. Did this happen to you? What you do in this case you leave the game and go to the kitchen and eat or take the food with you and continue playing the game?
  13. You must have a card linked to your PayPal account (your card must have 2 euros on it), you must verify your PayPal account. After that is easy, you go in your PyPal account and click the withdraw option and follow the steps.
  14. You will laugh but last night I have dreamed that I was biking somewhere to the mountain, I wake up so tired and wet.... this is all I remember, I was scared and I was running with my bike of something that wanted to harm me.
  15. I drink Coca-Cola to keep me awake at night when I play, I also love the taste. I also drink Energy drinks but for a few times a week.
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